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5 Best Cordless Blackout Blinds

5 Best Cordless Blackout Blinds

Blinds are some of the most versatile and functional pieces that you can place in your home. They can also moonlight as excellent additions to your décor and can also act as a standalone piece of attraction in your room. Isn’t it great that blinds are functional as well as pleasing aesthetically? One of the functions of your regular blinds is light control. A window covering, to be practical, must help you to control the amount of natural and artificial light that filters into your home through your windows. While most blinds are great at these, the blackout blinds prove the most effective at blocking out light from outside. Best cordless blackout blinds help to completely block out sunlight, the lights of the traffic and the pesky streetlight at night. It doesn’t matter if you wish to take a relaxing nap in the afternoon or want a good night’s sleep, a good blackout blinds will help you.

While blackout blinds do come with a cord, it is best to choose a cordless blackout blinds. The cords often tangle on themselves and can be a time-consuming hassle to untangle them. If you have children, kids or both in your household, you must be aware of the strangulation risks that blinds with cords pose. Cordless blinds can be configured with motors that are operated by a remote too, making its operation smooth and convenient. You can also have them on a timer to make sure that they are drawn open and close at a particular time. This way, you don’t even have to remember to close them when the light is shining strong. If you are not at home, blinds set on a timer can close by themselves and protect your furniture, rugs and other décor items from the harsh sunlight and its UV rays.
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Uses and Advantages of Blackout Blinds

• Blocks out light
It is the primary function of blackout blinds– to block out light. Scientific studies show that the human body must be exposed to complete darkness to help it relax fully and enjoy deep sleep. Darkness also helps the circadian cycle to work normally and encourages the body to wake up when the sun rises. With the best cordless blackout blinds installed, you can enjoy the benefits of deep and relaxing sleep.
• Helps to darken the room for a better theatre experience
Many movie dates have been ruined due to the glare of unwanted light filtering through the windows. Revel in a cinema-like experience by getting blackout blinds installed.
• Privacy
Along with keeping unwanted light out, the blackout blinds also help to deter prying eyes. Using blackout blinds helps you keep even your silhouette hidden and private. Areas like the bedroom or the private living rooms can be kept safe easily. Today, it is also possible to get your blackout blinds custom made depending on your window size. No matter what your window size or shape is, you can have customized blackout blinds made to fit your needs.
• Blocking out noise
Blackout blinds can come in handy to control the amount of noise that enters the room. So if you live on a particularly busy street, a thick blackout blind can help dampen the noise that comes through.
• Insulation
Besides blocking out heat and light, blackout curtains can also help you keep your energy bills low. You can keep heat leaving your home in the winter and entering home in the summer by providing insulation. This will help you reduce the workload on your heating appliances and in turn keeping your bills low in the long run.
• Durable
The best cordless blackout blinds are made out of quality materials which can be very durable and long-lasting. It may cost you a little bit more than your regular blinds but once you have them installed, they will last you years. From a financial point, blackout blinds are a great investment.

5 Best Cordless Blackout Blinds

• Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are some of the most popular kinds of blackout blinds in the market. Most people are not even aware that there are other options too when it comes to blackout blinds. Nevertheless, the popularity of roller blinds is justified as they are very functional when it comes to blocking out sunlight and night’s artificial lights. You can have them custom made and they can also be made cordless without much hassle.
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• Cordless Roman Blinds

If you are looking for style and class in your cordless blackout blinds, your search ends at the roman blinds. Roman blinds don’t stop at covering your windows and providing with the perfect blackout function, it also looks great and contributes to the decoration. Roman blinds are also often paired with curtains that complement the design and the pattern of them.
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• Cordless Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds with the blackout feature are made up of thick material and can also have the waterproof feature. The material commonly used is PVC which is durable and excellent at providing a great blocking of the sunlight outside. It is important to note that these blackout blinds are not great at noise control or temperature control. On the other hand, it is water-resistant and easy to clean. A simple wipe with a clean, damp piece of cloth can get your blackout blinds free of dust or stains. It is best that these blinds be used in humid areas of your home like the bathroom and kitchen or in areas that may need constant cleaning like a child’s playroom or bedroom.
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• Cordless Venetian Blackout Blinds

Venetian blackout blinds are good looking and classy. But it is not as efficient as the other blinds in blocking sunlight and nighttime lights outside. It is best used in the areas of your house that need minimal amounts of light control.

• Cordless Cellular Blackout Blinds

Cellular blackout blinds are wonderful at blocking natural and artificial light that comes from outside. It also has pockets of air it which makes it a great insulator making it an amazing choice if you want an added noise reduction and temperature control features.