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5 Best Cellular Shades that are Light on Your Budget

5 Best Cellular Shades That Are Light On Your Budget

Cellular shades are a great choice if you wish to get good protection against the scorching sun, glare, and UV exposure without having to compromise on the aesthetics. These shades provide great value as you don’t have to break the bank to get all the awesome features that the cellular shades boast of. Besides keeping the house cool during the summers and warm during the winters, cellular shades also provide awesome light control and even sound-proof your room to some extent.

The peculiar design of the cellular shades that resembles a honeycomb pattern creates air pockets in between the layers of the shades. These air pockets allow the shades to effectively insulate the interiors from the blazing sun during the summers. This mechanism also helps prevent heat from escaping out during the chilly winters, thereby keeping the interiors of the room warm and cozy. Available in all types of designs, colors, and shapes, cellular shades are highly affordable, elegant, and extremely convenient to operate.

How to Decide Which Cellular Shades are Best For Your Place

This is a basic question that crosses everybody’s mind when making an investment in window coverings for the house or the office space. There is no single and straightforward answer to it. The answer is subjective and circumstantial to individual cases. Hence, a good way of going forward with the purchase decision is to look at the specific requirements you have for your particular place. Whether you want better heat insulation, privacy is your top priority, or you feel the requirement for better light control, you can pick the variants that are specifically suited to such individual needs.

Other parameters that should be considered after your priorities are sorted are factors such as cost-effectiveness for better value for money and the color and design availability so that it is in keeping with the overall décor of the house. Brand warranty, build-quality, extra features, ease of operation, etc. are some other things that you can look at when getting cellular shades or any other type of window treatments for your place.
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5 Best Cellular Shades that are Light on Your Budget

Cellular shades, just like other window covering options, are available in different price options to suit all kinds of budgets. While some of the motorized or AI-enabled variants may be a tad costly, you can always opt for more economical variants. With a little research and awareness about your requirements, you can land a deal that is extremely cost-effective and easy on your wallet. To help you get started, here are five awesome cellular shade options which are well within the budget-friendly territory:

Crown Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Crown, with its exquisite range of window coverings laden with awesome features and style options, has established itself as one of the leading window treatment brands. Crown Cordless Light-Filtering cellular shades are as feature-rich as these are cost-effective. Available in both single and double-cell fabrics, these shades provide superb light-control capability for your house. These shades are also effective in preventing heat gain and help keep the interiors comfortable at all times.

These shades are extremely durable and boast of crisp, well-defined pleats that are resistant to sagging and stretching. With a wide range of color options, you don’t have to compromise on the look and feel either. The cordless operational mechanism makes handling them super-easy. The integrated bracket and headrail system make the installation a seamless and convenient experience. You can also opt for concealed mounting brackets to a cleaner look. You get all this awesomeness at a very affordable price point and hence you should definitely consider them when getting drapery for your house.
Crown Ultimate Light Filtering Cellular Shades

CrystalPleat Graber Light-Filtering Cellular Shades

These shades are among the best light-filtering cellular shades you can get. The unique honeycomb structure and the polyester fabric make these shades highly efficient and extremely durable. These shades come in both single and double-cell fabric configurations. Depending on your requirement, you can opt for either of the two. High energy-efficiency, awesome light-control, and superb privacy features are some of the highlights of this product. These shades are available in both corded and cordless variants, hence you can opt of the ones which are within your budget. With retro-fitting supported, you can convert the corded version into cordless shades later on as well.

Crown Mirage Cordless TDBU Cellular Blackout Shades

If privacy is your utmost priority, these cellular shades are just the thing for you. Boasting of high energy efficiency and heat insulation features to go with unmatched privacy control, these shades ensure that the interiors of your room always stay comfortable. With the TDBU mechanism in place, you get versatility in terms of controlling and operating the shades. Whether you want to lower the shades on the top half or raise the same from the bottom half, you can do both without any problem. Safe for pets and kids alike, these shades are a great option to consider.
Cordless Cellular TDBU Shades

Portrait Norman Light Filtering Honeycomb Cellular Shades

These shades are designed for ensuring long-lasting elegance and protection against the scorching summer heat and glare thanks to their impeccable light-control capabilities. The double-cell structure and well-defined pleats add to the aesthetics as well as insulation prowess. These shades are quiet and also provide decent sound-proofing to keep the interiors calm and peaceful. Available in a range of exquisite fabric options and colors, these shades cater to all kinds of aesthetic and practical preferences. With these shades, you don’t have to compromise on the view of the outside for heat insulation, light-filtration, and privacy. You get the best of all these functionalities and that too at a very reasonable price point.

Crown Premium Light Filtering Cellular Shades

If you are looking for a more fancy and premium option but are a little shorthanded on the budget, you can consider these premium cellular shades which are very reasonably priced. Give an instant boost to the décor of your interiors with these high-quality shades. The modern design, superb heat insulation, excellent light-filtration, and utmost privacy are some of the features that make these shades a worthy option for dressing up your windows. The non-woven polyester fabric used in these shades is dust-resistant, washable, and does not fade or fray. Hence, these cellular shades will continue adorning your windows gracefully without looking dull even a little bit for years.

These are some of the affordable yet feature-rich cellular shade options if you have a limited budget. Despite the affordable price point, these shades are in no way lacking in terms of features. From heat insulation to light-control, from ensuring privacy to enhancing the look and feel of the interiors of your house, these shades are great at all of them. These are some of the options which will be superb for most use-case scenarios but ultimately it depends on your specific requirements and the budget you are working with.