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5 Best Blinds for West-Facing Windows

5 Best Blinds for West Facing Windows

There are several factors that influence your comfortable living when you are in the house. Needless to say, there are multiple gadgets in the market that assure you a good night’s sleep and convenience every time you relax.. However, what if you choose the right decor elements that not only beautify your indoor space but also keep you from the wrath of changing climates?

What are West-facing Windows?

This is especially true in case of windows that face west. Many of you might be wondering what is different or special about West-facing windows. West-facing windows are especially exposed to the sun during long afternoons, the time when the sun is shining at its brightest. This can heat up your home in no time. West-facing windows face the full wrath of the sun before it sets, particularly in regions that face hot summers. Now, unless every small opening in your doors and windows is weather-stripped, you might be directly exposed to the scorching rays of the sun. What you then need are the right window treatments that will help to block the UV rays and cut down on the glares. These glares can cause irritation to the eyes and affect your work on computer or sleep. UV rays have been proven to be detrimental for your health and furnishings when exposed to them for a long period of time. Excessive heating of the room can also cause energy loss as the air conditioners will have to overwork to keep temperature low inside the house.

Window Treatments for West-Facing Windows

Overheating is a problem commonly associated with west-facing windows. While there might still be some benefits, especially to plants that you have put on the window ledge, it might spell doom for you if you do not have the right window coverings protecting you. We shall, therefore, recommend the best insulating blinds that can protect you all day long and help keep the rooms cool and pleasant.

Double-Cell Honeycomb Shades for a Foolproof Insulation

Wonderful and effective that these window treatments are, you will find them in every second home in the US alone. This is because of their unique structure that is known to insulate your home with finesse. They have cell pockets between them, which are built in a way to trap heat, light, sound and cold. Single-cell fabrics in honeycomb shades are built for light filtering, in areas that are east facing or those that experience medium to mild climates or low temperatures (not freezing, though). Insulating or heat blocking honeycomb shades, meanwhile employ more than one sheet of cellular fabric, also known as double-cell or triple-cell shades. Besides being rather effective in tropical climates, these thermal blinds can be used in areas that are moisture-prone, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Because of this feature, they are extremely durable and long-lasting, and can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner or duster. Honeycomb shades are also ideal window coverings for skylights, blocking heat yet providing ventilation when the need arises.

Get extra insulation and energy efficiency with double cellular shades. Perfect for west-facing windows and blocking heat during the summer

Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

The Ever-Reliable Solar Shades

If you want to transform your homes into sun-protected sanctuaries, settle for Solar Shades. Solar shades, also known as roller shades, are “rolled” all the way down from the top when you wish to cover your window, and their mechanism is simple and uncomplicated. They consist of a special kind of UV-resistant fabric that lets in the sunlight without heating up the room or causing damage to any object lying inside the room. These shades are commonly used inside living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or anywhere the sun is shining at its brightest. Because of this fabulous feature, they are commonly used in government buildings, offices and especially restaurants and cafes. Besides, the fabric comes in various openness percentages. Crown, one of the top brands offering the best window solutions in a variety of ranges, boasts of several solar shades in different light filtering options. The openness range is 0%-15%, 0% indicating a blackout shade while 15% reflecting the maximum light it can allow to pass through. You also get a fair outside view in greater openness percentages without being spotted. Blackout solar shades, meanwhile, are preferred by people who want absolute privacy, especially at night time when the indoors may be more visible from the outside.

Reduce the heat and glare from direct sunlight while retaining your view during the day with Solar Shades. Customizable and available in a variety of colors and styles.

Light Filtering Solar Shades

Wood or Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

There are certain window coverings that are extremely functional and sturdy without compromising on their design factor. Shutters amalgamate the properties of traditional and modern blind decor, and blend perfectly with classic and contemporary interior decor. It’s just the material that differs in them. If upscale living is your priority, and you don’t mind parting away with a substantial sum of money to ensure the best, look no further than Graber’s wood shades. These are available in varied slat sizes and lift control options.

Faux wood shutters are composite wood shutters that employ natural wood which is then coated with a thick layer of PVC. They come cheaper than wood blinds, but it might be tough to understand the difference as they resemble wood shutters at first glance. These cost-effective window treatments are also moisture-resistant, and hence can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, where their wooden counterparts may not be effective. For west-facing windows, however, wood might be a better choice and long-lasting, as synthetic materials may develop cracks and may bend if exposed to the sun for too long.
Both wood and faux wood shutters can be chosen in different operating styles, including continuous cord lift for an old-world charm or motorized lifts for enhanced comfort and convenience. A remote or a Z-Wave enabled setup where motorized shades can be controlled via a smartphone is the new way of managing the adjustment of your blinds.
Composite Shutters

Blackout or Room-Darkening Curtains

For west-facing windows, your blackout curtains may come to your rescue as they are more reliable than many other window coverings. Curtains are timeless and classic beauties that have not lost their sheen or popularity over the years. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns and attachments. You may choose one with a rod pocket or grommet style, and hang the rod above the window so that light doesn’t pass through the top. They must cover the entire length and breadth of the window, for the slightest of opening may compromise the comfort of your indoor space. If you don’t have blackout curtains, you may cover your windows with an additional layer of blackout material, which can be sewed and fit into your light filtering shades with ease. Room darkening curtains will not just manage the indoor temperature but also block out all outside noises and lend you the privacy you desire in your personal space.
Room Darkening Drapes

Graber Fresco Roman Shades

Apart from protecting your west-facing windows from the scorching sun, these shades offer your abode the perfect amalgamation of modern interior decor and a traditional vibe. These functional window shades also lend the softness of drapery with their classy and elegant looks. They are available in a wide variety of colour options, including Grasses Chestnut, Regal Chocolate, Regal Brick, Cristale Angora, Crossweave Slate, Madrid Azure and Royale Storm. The cordless lift option comes with no external cords on the front side, while the motorized lift option allows convenience for taller and hard-to-reach windows. For your West-facing windows you must opt for fabric that can offer insulation and keep the heat out.

Exterior Solar Shades

Besides the above-mentioned window treatments for your west-facing windows, you can also experiment with exterior shades. These shades are mounted outside the window and help to reflect the sun rays back to their source before they can reach the window glass. They are extremely effective and best solution for keeping your interiors cool and comfortable. You can use any window treatment inside the house as they will not interfere with the functionality of Exterior Solar Shades.

Selecting any of these window treatments will help to keep the heat out and create a comfortable and pleasant ambiance within where you can enjoy your time indoors.

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