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5 Best Blinds for Blocking UV Rays

5 Best Blinds For Blocking UV Rays

Indoor Protection with UV Blinds

Everyone knows how essential it is to protect your skin from the sun’s rays when you go outside. Applying sunscreen and wearing a full sleeve dress are the best ways to be safe from sun damage. But what about indoor protection? Will you do the same? There are many who believes that staying inside the home won’t cause any health issues. Unfortunately, that’s not true as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can enter your room through the doors and windows. There are two types of UV beams that affect your skin mostly – UVA and UVB.

These rays lead you to confront various health hazards including skin cancer (Melanoma). Besides harming your health, these rays can destroy your valuable home furnishings, floors, and artworks. There are various ways to obstruct these rays from coming into your indoor.
• Install Low-E Windows
• Add a UV Film
• Mount UV Blinds

Among all these, UV blocker blinds are one of the most effective and versatile way to get rid of all the problems and offer additional benefits as well. There are various options to choose from but picking up the right one can be tricky. We have bundled up the best five UV blinds that will suit your indoor needs while giving you all kind of protection.

Top 5 UV Blocking Blinds and Shades

Sunlight is the main source of UV rays, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the sun completely. Natural light is important for good health. To balance these facts, UV blinds are built to will limit your exposure to the harmful rays while allowing the natural freshness to enter your home. Below are the best window designs that will match all your criteria while giving your home a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Roller Solar Shades

Protect yourself from excess sunlight while maintaing a view of the outdoors! Customize and select from a range of 1% to 15% in openness. Order samples to see which works best for you.

• Custom Solar Shades

Solar shades play a significant role in offering UV protection. They are available in different fabric options: ranging from 1% openness up to as much as 15%. The openness factor you choose to determine the amount of sun’s rays that can enter your home and your outdoor view. Choosing a lower percentage means you will enjoy more UV protection but less transparency due to the tightness of the weave. A higher percentage will allow more UV to come through but also let you see through easier. These shades provide privacy during the day but do not provide privacy at night time when it is dark out and you have the lights on inside. To overcome this scenario, you need to layer them with other window treatments.
Blackout Solar Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Protect yourself from excess sunlight and insulate your windows with the heat-trapping Cellular Honeycomb Shades

• Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

UV protection is essential in every season – No matter whether it’s chilly outside, or cloudy, or hot. With the changing climate, it’s obvious that you won’t change the window shadings as they are a one-time investment. Get one dressing that will be with you for a lifetime. Cellular window shades are one such dressing because they work efficiently throughout the year. These shades not only offer complete UV protection but also create a comfortable indoor ambiance and offer full privacy. Choosing the right fabric material will block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Available in a wide variety of colors and pattern options to select from. You can opt for day night cellular shades as well for maximum efficiency in UV protection because of the two fabrics (sheer and blackout) in one shading.
Being the perfect insulator, these shades won’t disappoint you. Getting these coverings will give you ultimate comfort and luxury.
Honeycomb Shades

• UV Blocking Curtains

Sounds weird? We all know that curtains are popular and fashionable for their elegant and stylish look. Their amazing color and texture selections create a stunning and sophisticated look. But do they provide UV protection? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ when you choose the correct material. Install blackout curtains that will give your space complete protection against harmful beams. If you are looking for beauty and functionality by getting one treatment, then curtains are the solution. Layer them with other window coverings to maximize work efficiency. Attach valances and cornices for an added finishing touch.
UV Blocking Curtains

• Skylight Window Shades

If you have skylight windows, then chances are your room is being bombarded with harsh sunlight and UV rays. When excess sunlight enters through these windows, the ambiance becomes unpleasant and harsh. But skylight window coverings with their different fabric options will diffuse the excess sunlight and block all unwanted rays, letting you enjoy the natural light. These shades are offered in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns for exceptional beauty.

• Fabricated Roman Shades

These shades are well-known for their elegant beauty and sophistication. And when properly customized and installed, they offer some functional aspects as well. From blocking 95%-98% UV rays to providing insulation, these shades are great. They are the perfect integration of beauty and functionality. You can feature the shades with motorization for maximum benefits. Smart shades can be pre-programmed or automated to adjust based on a number of conditions, including the time of day, the position of the sun, or according to the temperature outside. If it’s particularly hot outside, then you can set your roman shades to automatically lower.
Blackout Roman Shades

Stay Safe with UV Blinds!!

Sunscreen is not the last solution to avoid UV rays. If you have been looking for the best window blinds to keep your home and family protected from the harmful rays of the sun, then consider the above blinds. All these window dressings will shield your home from these damaging beams all year long.

Still, looking for more inspirations? Give the design experts a call and they will guide you with the right solutions.