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5 Best Aluminium Blinds to Help Reflect Heat

5 Best Aluminum Blinds To Help Reflect Heat

Combating Heat During Peak Summer Hours

Summers are much loved for spreading warmth, light and cheer after the grueling cold and grey months of the long winter season. Shedding off the heavy winter garments it is time to soak in the warmth. The sun shining down brightly is such a relief and joy to wake up to instead of the cloudy dark skies that accompany most winter mornings. However, after the initial euphoria with summer subsides and the sun starts gaining strength, temperatures start soaring making it a tad bit unpleasant and uncomfortable. The summer sun at its peak is harsh making all places hot, humid and sultry. There seems to be no respite from the heat even at home. Sunlight seems to pour through from every window and the harsh glares make it difficult to sleep, work or play. Air conditioners work overtime to keep the interiors cool but the heat flowing through makes it difficult for the coolers and they have to overwork which is reflected in the inflated energy bills that you receive during the summer months.

Blinds to Reflect Heat Back

The solution lies in overhauling the window treatments and getting the windows ready for the summer ahead. Your windows not only need window coverings but ones that will effectively help to keep the heat out by reflecting it back. Not all window treatment materials are well suited for this job. There are PVC blinds, wood blinds, fabric blinds which though beautiful and more than functional, they are not as equipped to handle heat as some others like aluminum blinds. Some of them may warp, fade or peel off when exposed to sun for a prolonged time. Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great choice for houses in regions that experience substantial heat. The metal helps to reflect heat back and white surfaced aluminum blind will be even more effective in keeping the heat away. These types of thermal blinds provide excellent heat and light control because of the slats which can be tilted. The slats can be adjusted for light, privacy and view. These blinds are now available in their motorized versions. Motorized shades can be scheduled to lower when the sun is at its peak to help keep the interiors cool and pleasant. These measures can go a long way in bringing down energy bills significantly.

Aluminum Blinds to Reflect Heat Back to Source

We will take a quick look at aluminum blinds that can help reflect heat back.

Skylight Graber 1” Aluminium Blinds

Skylight windows are statement windows that are built into the roof of a house. They look stunning and allow ample light to stream into the house. They are particularly great for spaces that are not well lit or have no windows strategically placed to let light through. They allow sunrays to shine through and help to light up your entire space. While they are a fantastic addition to your homes, skylight windows can also cause significant loss of energy and allow too much heat in. Skylight Graber 1” Aluminium Blinds are a great way to cover up these skylight windows. they help to reflect heat back, offer impressive light control and motorized operations make it easy close and open the blinds as needed.
Aluminum Skylight Blinds

2” Aluminium Grandeur Graber Blinds

These blinds come with slat sizes of 2” which makes them a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms and even the offices. They are light-weight, attractive, dust and scratch-resistant and extremely durable. The 2” slats give amazing light and heat control. Turning the louvers will allow you to control the amount of light inside the house. They come in a range of eye-catching colors.

½” Aluminium Micro Supreme Graber Blinds

These ½” micro blinds are a super choice for your homes and offices. They best suited for smaller windows and offer a sleek and sophisticated look. They are a good option for bathrooms and kitchens as aluminum does not warp when exposed to moisture and heat for long and the windows are smaller in size in these rooms. They do a commendable job of keeping the heat out from kitchens and bathrooms and keeps them cool and pleasant.

1” Aluminium Supreme Graber Blinds

1” Aluminium Supreme Graber Blinds are the best choice for light control with its light-blocking headrails that are efficient and beautiful. These blinds also have tighter ladder spacing, hidden headrail brackets, and hidden holes for additional privacy and light blocking. These blinds are available in a large range of colors that will match any interior. There is no dearth of colors but if reflecting heat back is your primary objective we would recommend a little color shade. The paint that is used on Graber Aluminium Blinds increases the blinds resistance to dust, stains, and scratches.
Mini Aluminum Blinds

1” Aluminium One Touch Cordless Blinds Crown

If you are looking for style, statement, durability and light and heat control, you need not look any further than 1” Aluminium One Touch Cordless Blinds Crown. These cordless aluminum blinds are a perfect choice for homes with toddlers and pets. Adjusting the slats and louvers helps to control the amount of light entering the house. Keeping the blinds closed helps to reflect the heat back during peak summer months.

Each of these aluminum blinds makes a brilliant choice of window treatment for homes and commercial spaces. They are smart and sleek, great for modern minimalist room decor. They come in an array of attractive colors that suit any color theme and most importantly they give you optimal control over light, heat and privacy. The slats and louvers can be adjusted to determine the amount of light in the room. When closed, the blind surface helps to reflect heat back, keeping your interiors cool and pleasant.

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