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5 Bedroom Blinds that Bring Complete Dark

5 Bedroom Blinds that Bring Complete Dark

Can you remember when you had experienced complete darkness? In the age when electronics has touched every corner of our life, light has become a permanent fixture of our waking hours. At this time, a dark bedroom is a luxury we all need.

Modern life exposes our eyes to an overload of visual stimulation through light. At work, it’s strong electronic lights or digital screens. On our way back home traffic lights, interspersed with bills boards and other neon signs, unwittingly our eyes get a huge amount of exposure to light. When we reach home, our personal gadgets, television, games screen, as well as room lighting, continues this trend. Whether it is in the workplace, or on the streets, our eyes have to cope with a lot of exposure to both natural and artificial lights.

However, when we call it a day, our eyes need much needed rest and the bedroom is the place to get it. Owning to seasonal variations, as well as streetlights, our bedrooms remain well lit even when its bedtime. To get around this problem, go for blackout blinds. These blinds are designed for blocking light completely, leaving your room shrouded in absolute darkness.

Roman Shades with Valances for Bedroom

The market offers a huge variety of blackout blinds, each with functionalities that allow you to meet the other requirements of the room. Some of the most popular blinds that bring complete darkness are briefly discussed below.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are probably the most easily available room darkening blinds out there. These are easy to put up and the single fabric design provides complete coverage. Available in a variety of prints, you will definitely find something that fit both your budget and taste.

The thick material of the blackout blind will act as an extra layer of insulation, which would keep the cold air or warm air inside the room, saving you quite a bit in energy costs. For greater convenience, motorize your blinds and set a schedule. Now your blinds can come down just before sunrise, saving you the trouble of waking up to cover the windows. Motorization is especially beneficial for kid’s room, as you will be able to use your remote control to shut the blinds, leaving your little one to enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

Blackout Roller Shades

Room Darkening Cellular Shades

If you want to have something that looks ultra-modern, saves energy, and gives you the perfect door-darkening effect, go for room darkening cellular shades. These modern shades come in attractive pleated pattern, which go equally well with modern and country décor.

Cellular shades have honeycomb cells which are designed to trap air in them. These air pockets then act as insulating barriers that keep the heat in during winter and trap the cool air in the room in the summer. With cellular shades you will make serious savings on your energy bill.

If you wish to have greater flexibility, you can install bottom-up-top-down cellular shades. With these shades you can just pull down the top part of the shade to get loads of natural light, while keeping the rest of the room shielded from outside view. At bedtime, you can close the entire shade to get complete darkness, for a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Room Darkening Vertical Blinds

While roller blinds are a simple solution, sometimes you need a bit of flexibility. Vertical blinds give you a lot of flexibility in controlling the flow of light into the room. The big slats can be angled at different positions to control the direction and the amount of light that filters through the gaps. Moreover, if you wish to have a convenient mix of view and privacy, you can arrange the slats to enjoy the view, while the wide slats keep the interiors shielded from view.

If you select a heat-reflective outer layer for your vertical blinds, you can reduce the heat transfer to a large extent. This feature would turn out to be a blessing in those stuffy summer months, when you would like to keep the windows open to let in some circulation. And when the sun gets too much, just close the slats to get total darkness for your room.

Blackout Vertical Shades

Blackout Day and Night Blinds

With day and night blinds, you will get the dual benefits of roller shades and venetian blinds. It consists of two fabrics; the outer layer made of translucent fabric and a second layer made of Venetian slat like structure. The solar shade would give you a lot of light during the day. The Venetian slat like structures can be adjusted to control the flow of light, or closed completely to get a blackout effect.

These blinds are ideal for someone wishing to have a balanced blend of light and room-darkening effect. You can enjoy the view and natural light during the day, while at night you can lower the slats to get complete privacy and room-darkening effect.

Day Night Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Blackout Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are another popular option for the blackout effect. The heavy material of the blinds provides a solid barrier against light. You can close the slats to cut off light, or position the slats to reduce the flow of light into the room.

Selecting a material for venetian blinds can be tough. Both metallic and wooden materials provide the blackout effect, but wooden blinds would leave some gap between the slats. These gaps would let in tiny slivers of light that will give you a muted glow. Aluminium slats are thinner and would leave smaller gaps, and would do a better job of cutting off light. However, if you are sensitive to light and might be looking for a total blackout effect, keep in the mind that venetian blinds do leave some gaps between the slats that let in some light.

Dress up your bedroom windows with these gorgeous options and enjoy a good night sleep. After all, you deserve it!