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5 Bamboo Curtains Perfect For Your Balcony


Balconies, their uses and challenges

Balconies are an integral part of any home. They are a brilliant source of natural sunlight and they can keep your interiors and every nook and cranny of your home well-lit throughout the day. Aside from this abundance of natural sunlight balconies also act as an outdoor space that is in many ways, multifunctional. For instance, depending on the size of the balcony, you can use it to keep potted plants, a place to workout or do some yoga. It is also the most easily accessible outdoor place from the interiors of your home. You can even use the space to entertain guests with a barbecue and some drinks.  Most importantly, they add a lot of aesthetic value to your home. Compared to windows, balconies give you a larger view of the outside world. This plays a key role in ensuring that your home doesn’t feel like an isolated work of construction. A view of the skyline and some greenery with a tinge of Vitamin D is known to work wonders with a person’s mood and can also give him or her a peace of mind.

While balconies have a great dual purpose (functionality and beauty), there may be some things that you might have to work out in order to maximise and optimise your experience. One of the main hurdles that you might face is the influx of heat. The size of balconies and their openness as such can be very inviting to warm air which can increase the room temperature of your home. Even if you have an effective air conditioning system, the question of energy efficiency may still loom over your head. Furthermore, you don’t need sunlight all the time. There are times where you might face issues with glare and overexposure of sunlight to furniture.

Privacy is also something you may want to address considering the size of an average balcony. A workout or yoga session usually goes by more smoothly if you don’t have to stress about peepers. Balconies are also inviting to insects and bugs that can try to enter your home, for which you would need some added protection.

Bamboo curtains can be the right treatment for your balcony

Balconies are the perfect blend of indoors and outdoors. While most curtains can make your balcony feel like it is now part of the interior side of your home, bamboo curtains can help you maintain the perfect balance by being a part of your décor that is earthy and rustic enough to be associated with the outdoors. It can give a unique look to your balcony while also offering privacy and protection from heat and sunlight.

Advantages of bamboo curtains

There are many reasons why bamboo curtains are good window treatments, and are even better for your balconies. A list of the following reasons may help you put things into perspective –

  • Eco-friendly – Bamboo is a renewable resource and is also eco-friendly. It will not harm the environment during its usage or when it is disposed. It is also recyclable and can be repurposed once you replace them, making them an environmentally friendly option. Unlike bamboo curtains, its counterparts are used making polyvinyl, nylon and polyester. While they can also be recycled, the process is far less complicated with bamboo curtains.
  • Goes well with the decor of balconies – Balconies usually have plants or nature-based things as a part of its general layout. Naturally, given the characteristics of a bamboo curtain it would fit right in and match the theme and colour scheme of the balcony.
  • Natural light – Bamboo curtains have a woven design, which means that natural sunlight can seep through the small gaps in the curtains. This means that while you are still able to maintain a natural source of light it will not be too overbearing on you.
  • You have a lot of options – The notion that bamboo curtains lack versatility is a gross misconception. You can go so far as to say that it is a nice pick, but you will be able to find a variety of styles and finishes in the market today. You can even find shades which are cordless and powered by motors if you want to go a step further.
  • Low maintenance cost – It is very important to wash and dust curtains on a regular basis to avoid fading and to maintain an allergy free and clean environment. However, the cost of maintaining curtains, not to mention the time and effort you would have to invest makes it an arduous task for some. However, the same need not be said about bamboo curtains. You may have to dust it on occasion (not as often as other curtains).

Types of Bamboo Curtains

If you have decided that bamboo curtains are the right way to go, your next step is to figure out what type of bamboo curtains will fit in seamlessly with your balcony. In order to help you make your decision, here are a few types of bamboo curtains to put things into perspective –

  1. Custom bamboo curtains – Custom bamboo curtains hit the peak of versatility. The design and structure of the curtains can be made according to your wishes. You can have distinct shapes and even embroideries your curtains. Even the control mechanism can be catered to your choosing. Curtains with a sliding feature can be quite useful for balconies.
  2. Multi-panel bamboo curtains – Multi-panel bamboo curtains can be just what large balconies need. These curtains are not as long as conventional curtains but are wider because of the design and structure of balconies. They leave certain gaps in between the fabric so that streaks of sunlight may seep in, making sure that your plants are not devoid of their nourishment and the rest of the balcony is well lit.
  3. Bamboo patio curtains – Bamboo patio curtains are usually meant to be used for grounded outdoor spaces. But if you have a roof structure over your balcony, bamboo patio curtains can be perfect for your balcony. You can also use them for outdoor spaces on the ground and match them together.
  4. PVC Bamboo curtains – A perfect mix of PVC and bamboo can make your curtains look a lot sleeker and sturdier as well. These curtains also have commendable insulation capabilities, making them energy efficient options in the long run.
  5. Beaded Bamboo Curtains – These curtains have a unique design. They are comprised of thin bamboo stripes that are topped off with black beads. They can also be used as a door which means that you can match your beaded curtains with a beaded door.


It is pertinent to remember that bamboo curtains can be delicate and fragile if you get them in a low quality. Always talk to your seller and inquire about the qualities of the curtains before buying them. What is also important to note is that they do not give you complete privacy. If you can work around these aspects, bamboo curtains can be a valuable addition to your balcony.