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5 Affordable Smart Blinds for the Modern Home

Affordable Smart Blinds

Smart Shades and their Benefits

Gone are the days of corded shades and blinds. The motorized remote-controlled shades have replaced manual shades with hazardous dangling cords. Now you have voice-controlled smart shades that have taken over the market by storm. You have cheap motorized shades that are controlled and operated by voice commands through home-assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit. These modern shades have been a revelation and in recent times they have garnered much popularity among young and old alike.

Apart from the ease and convenience of operation, the smart shades help save time and effort and can be remotely accessed as well. With a single command, you can close or open all the shades of your homes. If you have left home and suddenly remember that you had forgotten to close a shade, a simple click on your smartphone app and the work is done. More importantly, these shades can be scheduled to open and close at certain times of the day without your intervention. So when you are away this functionality helps to create an illusion that the house is not empty and helps to enhance security. They are great to have for your homes and the smart technology has not dimmed any of their elegance or beauty and is as appealing as ever.

Are Smart Shades Affordable?

When we talk about smart technology and motorized window shades, the first thought that crosses the mind is affordability. Elegant window coverings such as the motorized wood blinds are great to have and flaunt. But they are also priced far higher than the simple motorized shades or the corded ones. If you have to dress all the windows of your house with these smart shades, they can hold an intimidating cost. Their prices work as a deterrent and people often have to settle for the second-best product in the market. Times are however fast-changing and given the highly competitive market today, manufacturers and sellers are being forced to come up with more affordable price listings. They may not be exactly cheap but neither are they exorbitant.

Top 5 Affordable Smart Shades

We have shortlisted 5 smart shades for modern homes today that enjoy competitive pricing and look great on your windows too.

Smart Cellular Shades
The first shade in this category is Smart Cellular Shades. Motorized Cellular shades are extremely versatile, classy and functional. They are known for their energy-efficient qualities as they trap air in the honeycomb pockets and add a layer of insulation to the windows. These cellular shades are now available in their Z-Wave compatible smart version which has made them more attractive than ever before. They can be controlled through an app on your smartphone or through Google and Amazon home assistants. Available in the price range of $350 to $450 (varies depending on size and options), smart cellular shades make a great addition for your homes.
Smart Cellular Shades
Smart Roller Solar Shades
If energy efficiency and sun protection is high on your priority list then roller solar shades are perfect for you. They are equipped to block out the harmful UV rays from your homes and are available in fabrics ranging from light-filtering to blackout. Imagine you upgrade this already versatile shade to its smarter version by making them Z-wave compatible. You have highly efficient shades for your windows. They are smart, classy, functional and tech-savvy. What else do you want? These Google and Alexa assisted roller solar shades are available in the price range of $350 and $450.
Smart Motorized Roller Shades
Smart Pleated Shades
If you want to add drama to your windows go for the extremely alluring pleated shades. The crisp pleats with their wide array of colors can completely transform your existing windows. The sharp and evenly designed pleats look neat and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home décor. Amazon and Google voice-enabled Z-wave compatible pleated shades are nowhere to make you live easier. Control them at your leisure wherever you are without any hassles. These are also available in the same price range of $350 and $450.
Smart Pleated Shades
Smart Blackout Shades
Combining blackout shades with smart features is the recipe for a perfect functional smart window treatment. Blackout shades as the name suggests are great for rooms that need total darkness like bedrooms and kid’s rooms. They block out light completely which helps in ensuring a good night’s sleep. They are also good for the hard to reach and large windows. Z-wave blackout windows are good for protecting your privacy and your furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun. Automating these shades make them more versatile and easier to operate the large window shades. These can be bought in the price range of $350 and $500 approximately.
Smart Blackout Shades
Smart Natural Shades
Natural shades are made from natural non-toxic materials like jute, wood, bamboo, etc. Their earthly texture helps to add warmth and soft light to your rooms. Those want to go the eco-friendly way natural shades are the best option. They range from light-filtering and blackout options and make a great addition to your rooms. Add to these advantages the features of a smart shade. Control your natural shades from the comfort of your bed or wherever you are by a simple click of your smartphone or by voice command. They are available in $400-$450 price range.

Integrate your existing shades with Z-wave home automation systems; pair them voice-controlled home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home and you have the smart shades that do smart things for you. They are relatively affordable and great for your windows.