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5 Affordable and Functional Blinds Perfect For The Office

5 Affordable and Functional Blinds for the Office

Why Window Treatments are Important for the Office

Window treatment solutions are not only for homes but are equally important for your office spaces. A significant amount of time is spent in the office premises. There are long hours of work and meetings. There are dignitaries visiting the office at different times and hence a favorable and pleasant work ambiance must be provided. This will have a direct impact on the productivity of the employees. At home, you are more concerned about your personal style but for offices, the choice is driven more by what makes sense. Aesthetic is important to create the right corporate look but whatever you choose must be extremely high on functionality. For example, sheer curtains are gorgeous and high on aesthetics but you cannot have them in an office space.

The window treatments you choose for the office must be sleek, smart and elegant, low on drama yet beautiful enough to leave the last impact on the visitors and the employees. Apart from this, they must be affordable and be able to ensure proper lighting (sans glare) for a comfortable work environment. Modern-day offices have multiple large and expansive windows. They sprawl across large parts of the wall to allow an abundance of natural light into space. The workspace must be cheerful and high on energy and these gorgeous windows do a great job. But dressing them up can be challenging because it means huge investment. So if the blind or shade you choose is expensive then it will cost the company exchequer a considerable amount of money which may not be feasible. An affordable, durable and functional window treatment solution is what we are looking at for an office space.

Top 5 Blinds and Shades for the Office Space

We have drawn up a list of five blinds that meets the above-mentioned criteria and does an admirable job.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds have steadily grown in popularity over the last few years. These blinds come with slat sizes ranging from ½” to 2” and stack neatly when raised up. They are fantastic at reflecting heat, offer brilliant light control and privacy. Adjusting the slats will allow you to determine how much light you want in your office space. They are extremely durable, moisture and scratch resistant which means that they can even be installed in bathrooms. Most importantly they are an affordable solution as they are very pocket-friendly. Mini blinds are available in a wide range of colors which allows them to seamlessly blend with the corporate decor of your office space. They work great as office blinds, offering a sleek and streamlined appearance to the windows.
Cordless Mini Blinds

Roller Shades

Roller shades offer a minimalist and contemporary look to the surrounding space. These shades come with a straight single piece of fabric sans pleats and folds. They lend a sleek and smart look to the windows. You can choose from a range of fabrics from light filtering, sheer, room darkening and blackout depending upon your need for light control and blockage. You can settle for some subtle prints and textures for the office space or opt for some colorful fabric to give the office a cheerful makeover. They are perfect for your business office windows and are also relatively affordable.
Motorized Window Shades for Office

Honeycomb Shades

If your office is located in a region that experiences harsh winter then you need enhanced insulation for your windows. As offices have large wide windows the threat of energy loss and heat loss is very real. The glass windows can allow warm air to escape the space easily putting your office heating system under pressure. Honeycomb blinds are the best insulating window treatments in the market and extremely energy efficient. You can opt for double or even triple celled shades depending upon your need for insulation. They are available in a wide range of colors and light filtering fabrics making them a popular choice of window treatment for offices.
Cellular Shades for Office

Faux Wood Blinds

This is a fantastic choice of window treatment for an office space. Wood blinds are gorgeous and extremely elegant but they are also very expensive. Faux wood blinds resemble wood blinds with the typical wood stains but as the name suggests they are not real hardwood. Faux wood blinds are very durable, moisture-resistant and long-lasting. They are a budget-friendly substitute of real wood blinds. They give your office space an elegant, traditional and earthly feel.

Vinyl Blinds

This is another practical solution for your office windows and doors. They give your windows a stylish and modern look with their smart design. The vinyl material lends durability to the blinds and is resistant to fire, dust, scratched, stains, dents and humidity. The slats can be adjusted for light control and closing them will offer maximum light blockage and privacy. They can be customized to meet the requirements of your office space and are an extremely affordable option as well.
Vinyl Window Blinds
Each of these modern blinds makes a great window covering for your corporate office space. They offer maximum functionality at the minimum cost. This however does not come at the cost of aesthetic beauty and value. They offer a cohesive look to the office space and create the perfect ambiance for all to work together. For all these blinds and shades you can opt for corded, cordless or a cheap motorized shades mechanism. While motorized operation will add to the cost, it is very convenient. If you want to keep costs low you can opt for corded or cordless mechanisms for your blinds.