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4 Inch vs. 3 Inch Vertical Blinds – Which One is for You?

4 Inch vs. 3 Inch Vertical Blinds

The one blind that stands out of all window treatments are Vertical Blinds. Their popularity in both commercial and private settings is a testament of their versatility and durability. Aesthetically, vertical blinds have a great visual impact. In bold colors, vertical blinds can become a trendy style statement. In subdued hues, vertical blinds enhance the muted appeal of the room.

Unique Features of Vertical Blinds

Design: The unique design of vertical blinds makes them very attractive. In vertical blinds, the slats stand vertically and run parallel to each other. Each slat is weighed down by weights, which are connected by a common cord. This design ensures that the slats can be positioned at any angle to control the flow of light into the room. The vertical design, especially ones that extend from the floor to the ceiling, makes the room look tall and elegant.

Visibility: With vertical blinds, you have a lot of control over the visibility factor, both from inside and outside. From inside, the slats can be positioned to preserve the view and let in enough light, while keeping the privacy intact. At night, close the slats to block off the view from outside completely.

Variety: Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials. They can be fashioned out of faux wood, fabric, metal, PVC, and fabric.

Maintenance: Ease of maintenance is another factor that has contributed to their growing popularity. As the slats stand in a vertical position, they gather very little dust on them. Even when they do, it is easy to clean them with the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner.

It is also easy to replace the slats. You can change the slats without having to remove the rest of the hardware. Similarly, you can easily replace one single slat, without damaging the whole blind. This allows users to save a lot of money in the long run. Now you can just change the slats and get a new look for the room.

Easy to Operate: One of the unique features of vertical blinds lie in its operation. Vertical blinds open on one side, on both sides, or in the middle. This makes it a perfect choice for side-sliding or large doors.
Patio Door Vertical Blinds

4 Inch Vs 3 Inch Slats

Slat size has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the above-mentioned features. It is a factor that is easily overlooked, but slat size selection is an essential part of choosing the right window treatment for your room. While selecting the slat size for your vertical blinds, take the following into consideration.

Mount: The mounting depth of your window or door can be a deciding factor. If you wish your inside mount vertical blind to fit snugly within the mounting depth, select a size that goes well with the mount size; for example, don’t choose a 4ich slat for a 3-inch mounting depth.

Size: The size of the window also matters. If the window is big, selecting a small slat size will make it look cluttered. For large windows and patio doors, go for 4-inch slats. For medium-sized windows, opt for 3-inch slats.

Flow of Light
Larger slats size will allow more light in when open. Similarly, when they are closed, they leave less space for the light to seep in. On the other hand, if your room does not get enough natural light, go for 3-inch slats. Smaller slat size will let in more light, even when they are closed.

Privacy Vs View
The selection between small and big slat size is essentially a choice between privacy and view. A 4-inch slat will give you a better view when open, but will provide less privacy. Similarly, vertical blinds with 3-inch slats will cover the same area with more slats, providing better privacy. But then, you will need to compromise on the view.

What about Material?
You must be wondering if the material of the blind slat will have any bearing on slat size.
Aluminum slats come in various colors and are very easy to clean. If you have decided to go for aluminum slats, do keep in mind that bigger slats may bend easily and would remain bent. Maybe with aluminum slats, going for a 3-inch slat is a good idea.

PVC is a manmade material that is highly durable and adaptable. It is not a coincidence that a huge selection of features can be incorporated into PVC blinds. They are also easy to clean and maintain. However, they are also brittle. It would be easy to maintain a 3-inch PVC blind than a 4-inch PVC vertical blind.
Woven fabric is perhaps the most popular choice for vertical blinds. They come in various colors and patterns, so that you can find exactly what you had in mind. You can go for 4-inch fabric blinds, as they are not prone to damage.

Price and Availability
Generally, 4-inch blinds are more expensive than 3-inch ones. Also, the smaller blinds are more easily available. If your budget is a restraint, go for 3-inch vertical blind slats.

Other Considerations…

size is not the only thing you have to decide while selecting a vertical blind. Once, you have narrowed it down to the material and slat size, you will have to think about the additional features you can add to your blind.

You can have blind slats that come with a thermal protective outer layer, that provides protection against heat and glare. These blinds are surely going to be a blessing during those hot summer days.

Blackout Effect
You can create a night-like effect in the room with the use of blackout materials for your vertical blind. Tune out the light to enjoy a much-deserved reprieve from the constant glare of the sun.

Flame Retardant
You can protect your interiors by selecting flame retardant material for your vertical blinds. These blinds are made from fireproof fabric.

It tough making up your mind, but with the correct slat size and material, the result sure will be satisfying,