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4 Effective Ways to Darken Your Windows

Effective Ways to Darken Your Windows

The Need to Darken Rooms

Most of us love the incoming natural light that invades our interiors. But there are certain situations whereby a need for darkening comes into play, such as when watching a movie with your friends and family. Or if you work at night and need to sleep during the daytime. Another instance where room darkening is required is in nurseries.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the requirements for darkening a room, shall we?
Media rooms:
Most homes have their theatres or media rooms that need complete darkness. By adopting blackout curtains that are big enough to cover the entire window, you get a total light blockage environment that is perfect for movie nights with your family.

Night shift workers:
Let’s face it, sunlight is excellent for keeping us energized and our daily generation of vitamin D. However, it’s not so great if you need a good day’s rest. If you are of those people who work hard during the graveyard/night shifts, then you need to sleep in darkness in order to reenergize for the work ahead. Without the proper window treatments, you will not feel refreshed and you can fall prey to health risks. Once the room is adequately darkened, you can sleep enough without a care in the world.

Your kid’s napping time is critical. For complete physical and mental growth, sleep is required during the years of early childhood. It helps them to feel rejuvenated and feel fresh. They do not get so easily overtired, and it aids them to get their sleep at night. Naptime also acts as a way for parents to catch their breath, unwind, and to do their chores or daily tasks. Light blocking window shades can enable the parents to get their kids to take their much-needed naps.

Temporary Window Covers

During warmer climates, light-blocking window coverings can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home cool. By selecting the right kind of temporary window dressing, you can achieve just that. Moreover, you can get the perfect amount of darkness to suit your light-blocking needs. Temporary window dressings include black trash bags, aluminum foil, or cardboard sections to block light for a short while. Other window treatment tips that can be used are hanging a blanket over the curtain rod to darken a window and replacing it with pretty curtains when guests come.

However, there are certain disadvantages of using temporary window covers at your place. Most of the benefits of actual window shades are missing when you use temp window shadings. Such as energy efficiency, light control, insulation, ventilation, glare reduction, and moisture reduction features. You may have to check with your landlord if you can use these temp window dressings. Moreover, they may not match the overall style of your home or even enhance the existing décor of your interiors.

Window Film
Those interiors that have west-facing windows may reap the benefit of using window film. They can help to filter out harsh sunlight entering the room. Such a temp window covering can help reduce energy bills, costs, the glare from the sun, and harmful effects of UV rays on furnishings and surfaces. Many tints, designs, and patterns are available in the market, and it’s a great way to decorate your room. But there is a disadvantage to using a window film. They do not have the ability to block the light completely. It is best to utilize it under an existing window shade so that it can act as an additional layer to darken the room.

You can also check out a specific type of window film, namely the solar window film. They help in energy efficiency by lowering the heating and cooling bills. You don’t have to invest much, and it protects you from harmful UV rays. It regulates heat gain and loss throughout the year. First consider your interiors, where you live and the type of climate before buying solar window film.
Window Films
Some blackout curtains are an attractive way to darken windows, with many colors and patterns to match your décor. Blackout curtains also help increase the levels of energy efficiency in your home with single-pane windows. They have three main functions: Block light, block noise, reduce energy costs, and are often ideal for large windows.
These kinds of curtains are best for spaces like:
• Conference areas
• Classrooms
• TV and home theaters
• Bedrooms and bathrooms

Drapery and curtains can also have a light or even sheer material. That way incoming light occurs along with little sun blockage. However, if you use one sheer and one blackout curtain, you get light control and privacy any time of day.


Window shades can act as an alternative to thick curtain panels. Corded roller shades are an inexpensive choice for light blockage. They offer a clean and stylish look to suit a modern design aesthetic. However, for those interested in moderate light control to total blackout, try room darkening or complete blackout window shadings.

Room darkening shades
Although it is lovely to have long, bright sunny days, it can affect your sleeping patterns. Here are the pros of having these shades:

Offer UV protection:
These shades protect you from harmful UV rays. They can cause skin damage but also damage your soft furnishings, artwork, and floors. Imagine your wallpaper, vinyl floors, and pictures fading over time! It can also damage your wooden floors and furniture.

Privacy while enjoying the view:
These shades allow you to enjoy the view and yet have complete privacy. One of the most significant benefits is that they block natural sunlight wherever you want. So, you have ultimate control over maintaining a view or having complete darkness in bedrooms, guest rooms, or media centers.

Flexible light control:
These versatile shades help reduce the light glare on your home computer monitors and living rooms. Use sheer window fabrics to help control the incoming light through your window. They filter and soften the light, whereas opaque materials help with a total blackout.
Room Darkening Shades

Total Blackout Shades Benefits

Complete privacy:
Those areas and interiors that require absolute privacy like offices, bedrooms, boardrooms, and media centers; these shades are the ideal choices.

Blocking Sunlight:
This is hugely beneficial to those who are sleeping during daylight hours. Blackout shades help create the ambiance of night, so their bodies can get a better night of rest.

Block Noise:
Blackout shades help block out noise entering their homes. Certain blackout shades can block up to 40 percent of sound, which is another benefit to those trying to sleep during the day.

Save on Energy Costs:
During the winter, blackout shades can help trap heat inside the house. Meanwhile, they help block sunlight and heat during the summer months. This helps reduce your utility bills.
Blackout Window Shades

Embrace the Dark Side

Curtains and shades come in different opaqueness levels. In other words, you can select a fabric that when used only a percentage of sunlight comes through, or total blockage of light occurs. There are so many fabric colors, styles, and tones to pick from to match your interiors.

Their availability depends upon your needs, for example, for direct sunlight, what kind of décor will match your room while providing your light control needs? Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that you will get complete privacy, light control, and a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

These kinds of blinds come in a variety of textures, designs, and various modern window fashions. You can mix style and function with different window treatment options available. Transform your space by getting vibrant or muted tones. The selection is yours with the vast array of colors for you to choose from.

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