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4 Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas For Your Porch

Different Types Of Window blinds

Different Types of Window Blinds – Beauty of Outdoor Living


Our porch is a place that connects us with nature. When our friends and relatives come over, it is the gathering place of the family. In the evenings, it is the place where our children play. We all love the time that we spend on our porch.

The porch also brings beauty to our home. But to make it look even more beautiful and useful, you have to decorate it!


Decorate Your Porch By Different Types of Window Blinds


One way to decorate your porch is by installing different types of window blinds. The porch requires privacy and light control. Since it is exposed to the outside weather, the porch has to be covered so that you can enjoy spending your good times on your porch comfortably. Window treatments also help keep your porch cool during the summers.

  • Window blinds and shades help you to turn your porches into beautiful living spaces
  • They make your home complete
  • One main concern that bothers us to spend time on the porch is the harmful and hash sunrays
  • Window treatments help to protect you and your porch from the harmful sun rays
  • When you install window treatments, they provide security to your home as the neighbors cannot peer to your outdoor spaces
  • You can also use your outdoors for multiple purposes as these window treatments turn your porch into another room

Different Types of Window Blinds Available In The Market

There are different types of window blinds available in the market. But each type of window treatment is different from the other and offer different types of benefits. So you have to learn many things about the window treatments and choose the best one among them. The right choice of window treatments helps you to elevate the beauty of your outdoors and also to add more functionality and practicality to your porch.

Let us see what are the different types of window blinds that are suitable for your porch

Add Style To Your Porch With Exterior Roller Shades

Exterior Roller Solar Shades

One perfect choice for any outdoor living spaces is the Exterior roller solar shades. These window treatments are specially designed for your doors and they possess high light controlling capabilities. If the porch is not covered properly, we can hesitate to spend a lot of time on the porch as the outsiders can see you. As your porch requires privacy, these window treatments help you to create the right ambiance and make your outdoors look more beautiful as well.

Roller Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

Roller Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

Finding out the perfect window treatment for a sliding glass door seems to be a really difficult task. If you have got sliding glass doors for your porch, roller shades are a great choice for your sliding glass doors. As these doors allow a lot of light and heat to enter in, you have to dress them up with window treatments that can insulate your home and also control the light entering your outdoor spaces.

Since these window coverings encounter a lot of heat, cold, dust, moisture and harsh sunlight, you can use roller shades in a variety of fabrics to meet your needs. Roller shades are durable and do not fade out or warp or bend when exposed to excessive sunlight or encounter heat.

  • They insulate your home by blocking the external heat from entering your home
  • They can help you save on your power bills
  • They are also customizable so you can customize them based on the requirements of your porch

Dress Up Your Porch With Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds

Many of us love vertical window blinds. They are one of the most classic window treatment types. Among different types of window blinds, Vertical window blinds stand out as an exceptional choice for wide windows.

With these window treatments, you can attain total or semi-privacy for your spaces based on your needs. They offer you the liberty to customize the privacy level you wanted. These windows treatments are available in many colors and patterns, so you can select the one that you feel it fits the best for your sliding door. At ZebraBlinds, you can get the vertical blinds manufactured by Graber. Graber window treatments are known for their unique design and top quality. The Simple Selections from Graber, adds unimaginable beauty and versatility to your outdoor spaces.

Faux Wood Blinds For An Amazing Porch

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

One affordable choice to decorate your home is the faux wood blinds. These window treatments are also known as false wood blinds as they offer your porch the same look as the real wood blinds do. These blinds are cheaper than that of real wood blinds and are very strong and hence they are highly durable. They can resist heat, dust and also moisture. They are perfect for the humid places. They don’t fade out when exposed to the extreme sun. They require simple installation and are also very easy to clean. Since outdoor windows and doors encounter a lot of dust these window treatments require regular cleaning. When the cleaning aspect is considered, these shades don’t demand much effort to maintain them clean and tidy.

Not all faux wood blinds are designed for exterior use, so use them on the interiors of your backyard windows.


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