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3 Ways to Treat your Sliding Transom Windows

3 Ways to Treat your Sliding Transom Windows

What are Transom Windows?

While for most of us a window represents a rectangular piece of opening covered by window frames for ventilation and light, the fact remains that the window market is varied and huge. A deeper research and study reveals endless designs and shapes of windows. There are oval, triangular, and circular and several other shaped windows you can use for your space. There are bay windows, skylight windows that allow abundance of light, sunshine and air into your space and create illusion of a bigger room. Add to this list of designer windows, transom windows. Transom windows were a common architectural feature in traditional homes and mansions. A transom window is a small window that is located above the door and is separated from the door by a horizontal structural beam or bar, known as a transom.

In old homes, these transom windows were commonly added for light and also for enhanced aesthetics. Colored glasses were often used for these windows with fan shaped glasses for visual impact and they were a joy. Over the period of time transom windows have also evolved in appearance. They have become sleeker and more contemporary to suit the minimalist decor style of homes. Transom windows can be sliding or hinged.

Elegant Transom Window

To Cover or Not to Cover A Transom Windows

Transom windows have often been a cause of confusion among homeowners; whether to dress them or leave them bare. Many people get very emotionally attached to these windows and love to keep them bare. They love the light that pours in through these windows during the day. They choose to mount the window treatments from the transom to cover the doors only. However, most would agree that it is just not right to leave them uncovered. Apart from the functional issues, it just doesn’t look right to mount the window coverings below the transom windows. It looks incomplete and spoils the aesthetics of the door space. Moreover, leaving the transom windows bare will also cause energy loss during winter and summer. During winter, warm air will escape through these windows and will cause the heating system to consume more energy to keep the rooms warm. During summer, these windows will allow the harsh rays of sun to flood the space, causing the temperature inside to rise.

Window Treatment Choices for Sliding Transom Windows

If you are facing confusion over the type of window treatment to choose for your transom windows we are here to help you.

Floor Length Curtains

Curtains are a classic, timeless and elegant choice of window covering for your transom windows and doors. The yards of fabric adorning the windows spin magic in the rooms. They have a luxurious and luscious appeal with powerful visual impact. Hang them high for great impact. Hanging them high from near the ceiling, allow the curtains to fall till the floor.  They create an illusion of height and a bigger living space. You can use curtain rods or pole rods to hang your curtains. If you want you can hang the curtains from the transom separating the window from the door. However for better appeal we recommend treating them as a single window unit. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, designs, patterns, textures and prints to suit your room decor. you can opt for sheer materials like polyester, chiffon and georgette or heavy fabrics like suede, velvet or softer ones like cotton and linen depending upon your need for light, privacy and insulation.

Drapes for Transom Windows


Valances is another great way to treat these transom windows. Valances are used cover the top part of the windows to cover the ugly window treatment hardware and for improved aesthetics. Similar valances can be used to cover the transom windows which are located above the doors. Choose prints, patterns, colors and designs that suit the theme of your room. If you have an all white or neutral colored room, you can use valances to add a pop of color to the surroundings. For a Victorian look, go with neutral or off-white colored valances. Pair the valances with sheer curtains or contrast colored drapes or similar colored and printed curtains to complete the look.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are another elegant choice of covering for your transom windows. Roman shades have been around for a long time and have continued to rule the hearts of people with their elegance, understated beauty and appeal. Made of fabric, you can choose from a range of fabrics, colors and designs for your shades. You can choose from different styles like relaxed Roman, hobbled shade, scalloped Roman, inverted pleat balloon, pleated butterfly balloon etc. you can mount Roman shades from the transom divider or from above the transom window. Treating them as a single unit is preferred as it helps to add height to the doors and also gives the much needed coverage to transom windows.

While it is okay to go ahead and treat the window and door as separate units or choose to leave them bare, it is preferable from the perspective of aesthetics to treat them as a single unit. Compare the look of your room without transom window covering and with a window treatment and see the difference.