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3 Ways to Protect your Interiors from Harsh Sun

3 Ways to Protect your Interiors from Harsh Sun

Modern architecture focuses on incorporating well lighted and well-ventilated rooms, which are created based on the idea that geometric, rectangular and linear elements can make the homes look better. The modern design, through the optimum use of a window covering material, aim to make the homes more energy efficient, yet more cosmopolitan at the same time. One of the distinctive changes in the way the windows are being designed today is their size and overall demeanour. They’ve gone from being small potholes peeping at the outside world, to evolving into full-length windows that at times go from floor to ceiling. The advantage of having modern windows in the house is that they offer great views of the outside scenery and at the same time allow natural light to enter the house. It is a welcome change during the winter months, but the need for window treatments emerges during summers because the sunlight can become very harsh.

3 ways to protect your interiors from the harsh sun

With the advancement of science and technology, the methods of safeguarding the interiors from sunlight have evolved. Gone are the days when window treatments could only provide partial protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The following are the top three ways which the interiors of the home can be protected from the sun:

1. Window blinds to protect the interiors from harsh sun:

One of the best options to protect the interiors from the harsh sun is to opt for a window treatment like blinds. They are made up of horizontal or vertical slats, which can be controlled through cords. These cords hold the blinds together and run through the slats. Window blinds come in various options and are available in different hard materials like plastic, aluminium, or even wood. In addition, there are different types of blinds, which provide different levels of sunlight protection:

  • Roller Blinds:

A roller blind is rolled around a metal nob and is fixed at the top of the window. It can be operated either manually or through a remote.  It makes the owner’s life easy as he or she can get complete sunlight protection with the help of a roller blind. They come with the blackout feature and are made out of solar protective and solar reflective materials. These materials can absorb a higher percentage of sunlight and protect the home’s interior from being damaged by the sun’s rays. Apart from reflecting infrared radiation, roller blinds can also block 100 % of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, it helps save the furniture and other house décor from fading due to excessive exposure.

  • Venetian Blinds:

Venetian Blinds offer good sunlight control and go a long way in protecting the interior from the harsh sun. They come with adjustable slats, which allows the owner to select the intensity, direction and amount of sunlight entering the room. Venetian blinds also provide aesthetic benefits and make the room elegant and graceful. They come in various shades and colors, which gives an aesthetically modern appeal to the room while the size of the slats provides the functional characteristic.

2. Blackout curtains to protect the interiors from harsh sun

Blackout curtains are made out of fabric that is heavy and does not allow sunlight to percolate through. They are so designed to prevent the sunlight from entering the rooms. They make the room pitch dark, and some can block out 99.9% of the sunlight if hung properly. They are usually thicker than regular curtains but are very easy to install. They provide a complete blackout effect and are very useful for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theatres, where even a little amount of sunlight can adversely affect the owner’s experience. In addition to it, these curtains also protect against the dangerous ultraviolet radiation that can make the furniture and other items of décor fade and lose color. With blackout curtains installed, the owner can rest assured that this effect won’t occur, thus, helping to preserving the cosmopolitan appearance. It has also been observed that the blackout curtains help improve the owner’s health by contributing to him or her having a good sleep. It is exposure to sunlight that affects one’s overall sleep. A blackout curtain can facilitate the owner’s sleep early in the morning by protecting them against the morning sun or even during the daytime by giving a complete blackout effect. Blackout curtains make the room dark and cosy, making it comfortable for the owner if he or she gets easily distracted by sunlight. In addition to saving the interior from harsh sunlight and facilitating the owner’s sleep, the blackout curtains also make the homes more energy efficient. With maximum sunlight being blocked, the owner can save a lot on room insulation. It has been observed that 25 % of heat is lost through windows. Window treatments like blackout curtains can prevent this heat loss and ensure a more comfortable living environment inside.

3. Window shades to protect the interiors from harsh sun:

Window shades are made out of fabrics and are used to cover the windows to provide sunlight protection.  An example is solar shades. These are a type of roller shades made from a fabric that protects the interior from the harsh sunlight yet optimizes the views from the window. Since the solar shades block the sunlight, they help to provide the owner in protecting their interiors. The owner’s requirement of sunlight control decides the type of solar shade needed. This functionality of use is dependent upon the openness factor of the solar shade. The openness factor refers to the compactness of the chosen fabric. Typically the openness range is between 1 to 25 %. The lower the percentage, the more compact the material will be woven, allowing less sunlight to pass through, and the higher the percentage, it will have the opposite effect.

Solar Shades can provide protection from sunlight along with UV and infrared radiation, but at the same time also provide good outside views from the window. The openness factor of the solar blind decides the amount of sunlight to enter the room. The sunlight control will be dependent on how open the material the owner opts for . He or she can easily restrict the insulation of the room and can make it energy efficient.

In modern-day homes, it is vital to protect the interiors from harsh sunlight. It is so because, to make the rooms well-lit and well ventilated, the architects prefer to have larger windows. They undoubtedly make the house well-lit and airy but can also expose the interior to excessive sunlight exposure. Therefore, using window treatments like Roller and Venetian Blinds, Blackout Curtains, and Solar Shades can protect the interior home décor from harsh sunlight, especially during the summer months.