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3 Ways To Fix Twisted Vertical Blind Slats

3 Ways To Fix Twisted Vertical Blind Slats

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are a practical and attractive solution for your window treatment requirements. They are fantastic at controlling your privacy and also the harsh rays of the sun. Vertical blinds are not a common choice for standard windows. We opt for the horizontal blinds that move up and down. Vertical blinds open sideways and hence reveal the entire length and breadth of the windows when they are open. They are best if you want to preserve your outside view. Vertical blinds are chosen for large windows and sliding patio doors. They offer great coverage to these large wide windows and doors. They open sideways which makes the operation of sliding doors easy and hassle-free.

Vertical blinds can be made of different materials including PVC, wood, fabric, and sheer and each of them add character and personality to your living space. Vertical blinds like horizontal blinds consist of slats and these hang vertically from top to bottom. They are clipped to the sliding track at the top and are operated with a wand or chain. You can choose from a wide array of colors, designs, and textures to give your vertical blinds the right amount of elegance and beauty to bind the room into a harmonious whole.

Large Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds & Operational Issues

Vertical blinds are a common and popular choice of window treatment in homes and commercial spaces because of their functional and aesthetic value. While they no doubt add a lot of value to our living and workspace, it is important to understand that vertical blinds have their share of woes. The slat can get damaged, the chain can break, slats can become misaligned and refuses to rotate. You can seek professional assistance to get these sorted and if you are confident and ambitious enough you could try addressing the issues yourself with a little help from us.

Twisted & Misaligned Vertical Blinds

A common problem with vertical blind slats is how they get twisted and misaligned causing them not to properly close and open. This happens when one of few stems that are fixed to the blind track twists out of place and hence the vertical vane attached to it refuses to move as well. This hampers the smooth operation of the blinds and this can be a cause of immense irritation and frustration. You can do the following to get your slats back on track.

Procedure 1:

  1. Twist the wand or pull the chain to make sure the louvers are in a closed position. You will find that few louvers which have been twisted out of place stick out like a sore thumb and appear reversed.
  2. You can keep pulling the chain and twisting the wand till it stops moving completely.
  3. Once the chain and the wand stops, give the chain a firm pull. There will be loud grinding noise which is normal so don’t worry.
  4. Now pull the chain or twist the wand again to help the louvers turn in the opposite direction. Continue till they stop and you hear that grinding noise again.
  5. The twisted and misaligned vanes should be able to turn and will fall into place with the other vanes.
  6. Now open and close the blinds normally to make sure that the vanes are working well.

Procedure 2:

If vanes are misaligned, the blinds will be twisted out of shape and will refuse to work. You can try the following:

  1. Remove the vanes from the clips. Use a credit card or something similar, slip it into the clip which holds the vane in place. By doing this you can remove the vane without damaging the plastic that runs across the top.
  2. Once the vanes have been removed take a look at the ends of the blinds that houses the tilting and turning controls. Rotate the controls to the right, to the left, and then to the right again. This will ensure that the carrier stem gets the alignment back. If not then you need to repeat the process several times to get all the stems in alignment. Now reattach the vanes and you are done. By twisting the tilters in this fashion, it causes the gears of the misaligned blinds to get back to the place where they should be.

Procedure 3:

For few other blinds, you may need a pair of pliers.

  1. Remove the vane from the carrier stem and keep them aside. Take care not to damage the top piece of the vane.
  2. Hold the carrier stem with the pliers and then give them a push into the rectangular hole. You will find this rectangular hole in the headrail where the hanger is located. Now twist your wand or the strings/chains of the blinds. All the vanes will rotate except the stem which you have raised up into the hole. Turn all the stems in such a way that they are lined up with the one that has been adjusted.
  3. Take the pliers again and make a firm grip on the top of the carrier which you are trying to align. Now pull downwards to move the stem back into its original place. The stem will snap back into its own place you are now good to go.

These issues can be taken care of by you without professional help. It is easy and following few instructions is all that is needed to fix your blinds. However, if you are not confident enough it is recommended that you seek help because Zebrablinds will not be responsible for any damage caused due to any DIY attempt. If none of the above methods work it is perhaps time to get the slats/vanes replaced.