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3 Ways Sheer Curtains Brighten up the Mood


All of us have mood swings. There are moments when we are joyous and feel happiness within and then again there are moments when we feel frustrated, upset, depressed and down. Often these ranges of emotions are triggered by certain events and incidents in our lives whereas sometimes we are unable to pin point in particular reason. We feel a spring in our step and cheerful for no reason and again sad and depressed not due to any happenings in our lives. Much of our emotions, how we feel are triggered by the environment in which we stay and surround ourselves with. Imagine having to work or stay in a dark gloomy room each day without much access to light and people and see the impact it has on your psyche after few days. Similarly waking up to a brightly lit up space, surrounded by vibrant colors with access to abundance of sunshine can work like a miracle in filling your life with positive energy and cheerfulness. You look forward to waking up each day and going to work. You look forward to spending time at home with your loved ones.

A bright and well lit kitchen makes you look forward to cooking up good dishes while a dark and gloomy kitchen will act as a deterrent. You would want to come out of that low on energy and negative space as soon as possible, because it takes away your motivation and inspiration. This is how a brightly lit up home flooded with sunlight can infuse positive vibes and energy in every person. Even if a person is going through a challenging phase, your surrounding can play a huge role in lifting up your sprits adequately and giving the energy and positivity to fight back.

How Sunlight or Natural Light can Improve Mood

A well lit space, choice of colors, furnishings and room decor can play a critical role in brightening up the mood of the inmates of the house. If you have adequate natural light in your house it is important to utilize it. Exposure to natural light has several benefits:

Sunlight helps to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) particularly for those living in cold dreary regions. When sun does come out it is important to use it to the fullest and not block it out.

Surprising though it may sound, sunlight also helps you to sleep better. Your body produces melatonin which is a sleep inducing hormone. Production of melatonin goes up when exposed to sunlight during the day and then is exposed to darkness at night.

Sunlight can significantly improve productivity. If you are feeling like a slump try getting some sunshine. It will help to energize you and fill you with vitality.

The Need to Diffuse Sunlight

Exposure to unfiltered sunlight for a long period of time however is not desirable. As the sun reaches its peak, the rays get harsher. The sun’s rays streaming into your home can heat up the air inside the house and cause irritation to eyes. It is difficult to work and sleep. Moreover the sun’s rays contain harmful UV rays that can damage your furniture, furnishings and even health. So, should you block out the sunlight from entering your house? This is not recommended at all. While the sun’s rays can be harsh, cutting off light and spending your day in darkness is not desirable, healthy or great for your mood.

How Sheer Curtains Can Enhance Your Mood for the Better

You need a solution, something that will help to spread the warm glow of the sunlight in your house while cutting out the harshness and blocking out the UV rays. Sheer curtains are a fantastic way to spread diffused sunlight inside the house. Made of soft materials like polyester, net, lace, voile, muslin or chiffon, these curtains are light, breezy and airy. While white and neutral shades like cream and off-white are most popular, sheer curtains come in a range of solid colors and prints. They are elegant and graceful and help to soften the sharper edges around the room while filling the room with a warm loving glow of sunshine.

Sheer curtains help to brighten the mood in more ways than one.

  • While you want to maximise sunlight in the house to create a cheerful and happy ambiance, the harsh glares can be a spoilsport and ruin the pleasures of a naturally lit room. Sheer curtains with their translucent properties help to help to filter the sunlight the glares and allow them into your space. You get to enjoy sunshine without the ill-effects. They create a joyous environment inside the house and fill the space with warmth, laughter and positive vibes.
  • There is no dearth of beauty and style when it comes to sheer curtains. The curtains are available in a range of gorgeous color shades, prints and self embroidered designs that add a touch of class and elegance to the room. They push up the style quotient of the room a few notches higher and it can brighten up any one’s day and mood.
  • Sheer curtains unlike heavier solid drapes allow brilliant air circulation and ventilation inside the room. They allow cool breeze to cool up the space during the warm days. A well ventilated room infuses a breath of fresh air which again has a direct impact on the mood. A poorly ventilated room and stuff room fills the space with stale air which is unhealthy affecting the mood adversely. The carbon dioxide you breathe out keeps circulating inside the room which can affect productivity and energy. 

Sheer curtains give your rooms and mood a much needed makeover and create a happy space for you and your family.

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