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3 Tips before You Start Installation of Cordless Cellular Shades

What are Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades need little or no introduction to homeowners. These shades have been around for a fairly long time and have continued to enjoy popularity among customers. This is primarily because of the rich features of a cellular shade. They are known for their high energy efficient qualities. Glass as we know are very poor insulators and a major part of the heat loss happens through these glass windows which are mounted everywhere in the house. In the absence of proper insulation, these windows can turn the interiors into a chilly space during the cold winter months. The home will be devoid of warmth that is much appreciated during the months when it is icy cold outside. Homeowners are on the lookout for ways to improve the insulating capabilities of the house and one such option is a cellular shade.

Energy-Efficient Cellular Shades

The honeycomb design of the cellular shades helps to trap air and creates a buffer between the glass windows and the room. The warm air inside the house created by the artificial heating system cannot escape as easily through the cellular shade covering and remains trapped inside the house. This means that the heater does not have to work as hard to keep the home warm This improves the energy efficiency of the heaters and helps to save a significant amount on the monthly energy bills. Cordless cellular shades have only made the shades more user-friendly and safe for homes with kids and pets. There are no dangly cords posing safety hazards or ruining the aesthetics of the rooms. With cordless cellular shades convert your homes into a cozy, warmth and gorgeous living space for you and your loved ones.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

Tips for Perfect Installation of Cordless Cellular Shades

The process of installing cordless cellular shades is simple and can be part of your DIY project. Few simple steps and you have your shades up functioning with ease. Take note of the tips provided below to make sure that your shades are mounted correctly and they make a perfect fit.

  1. Before purchasing the cordless cellular shades make sure that you get the measurements right. You must take care when measuring your windows to decide the size of window shade you will need for your windows. This will ensure the right fit for the windows. If the shade is wider then it will not sit well inside the window frame and if it is too small then it will leave a gap along the edges causing light to filter through and warm air to escape.
  2. Decide whether you want an inside mount or an outside mount for your cellular shades. Inside mount shades are installed inside the window frame and they reveal the entire frame of the window. They look neat and sleek. Inside mount is possible only if your windows possess the necessary depth to accommodate the shades. For inside mounts, the measurements have to be perfect. Outside mount shades are mounted outside the window frame on the wall. Slight differences in measurement will not affect outside mount blinds much as they cover the window frame anyway.
  3. Once you receive the window treatments make sure that you read the instruction manual well. The process of installation will vary depending upon the type of cellular shades but the overall process will remain the same. All shades will come with the hardware that is needed to install the shades. Go through them carefully and make sure that they are in place. This hardware can be used for both inside and outside mount. A cordless screwdriver or drill with ¼” Hex head drill bit is all you need to install your blinds.
  4. For correct installation, position the mounting brackets about 2.5” from either side of the window for inside mounts. Make sure that the two brackets are leveled. Mark the position of the screws with a pencil and then use the drilling machine to punch holes. For larger window shades there will be additional center-support brackets that will be provided in the hardware.
  5. For outside mounts position the brackets on the wall above the window frame. The brackets will be positioned 2.5” from the outside edges of the shade. Make markings for center-brackets if any. Use a drill to make holes and mount the brackets.

All you need to do now is snap the headrail into the brackets and your shades are ready for use. A correct fit is essential for the shades to operate smoothly without any glitches and also retain their functional value.

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