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3 Skylight Blind Design for Completely Flush Mounting

3 Skylight Blinds Design For Completely Flush Mounting

What are Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows make a gorgeous and amazing architectural addition to your living spaces. They allow an abundance of natural light to flood your rooms and offer a fantastic view of the changing landscapes. During the morning hours you have sunlight bathing your living space while at night you can spend hours staring up at the star-covered skies with moonlight lighting up your rooms in the most romantic way.

Skylight windows are constructed on your roofs which allow unobstructed flow of air and light in your room. This is particularly useful if you have rooms positioned in such a way that normal windows are blocked by buildings and other constructions which obstruct light and view. The skylight windows help to light up your otherwise dark spaces in the house. Skylight windows in rooms with multiple standard windows would be an added bonus. They reduce the need for artificial lighting which helps to significantly check your electricity bills.
Skylight Cellular Shades

The Need to Cover Skylight Windows

Beautiful and practical as they are skylight windows are hard to reach as they are located high up on the ceiling or on the roof. They are also oversized. It is difficult to cover them and find the right window treatment for them. While natural light is welcome, during the summer months, these windows can allow excess heat and light to enter and warm up your space. It will cause the temperature inside the house to rise. The sun’s glares can interfere with sleep and work and the harmful UV rays can damage your furnishings. During winter the glass can cause heat loss. There is therefore an urgent need to find the right window treatment solution which will prevent energy loss, offer privacy, filter sunlight, and also be functional enough to cover the huge windows coupled with easy operational mechanisms as the windows are hard to reach.

Flush Mount Skylight Blinds

Most skylight windows come with deep casing and the shades have to be installed at a vertical point inside the casing. Measurements must be taken from the installation spot itself. Flush mount is the best custom fit for window treatments for skylight windows, set inside the casing. Flush mount makes its operation easy and smooth and doesn’t allow the shades to interfere with skylight handles.

Flush Mount Cellular Blackout Blinds

Cellular Blinds need no introduction to homeowners as they are best insulating window treatments in the market. The cell structure of the shades helps to trap air and prevents air from escaping the house during the cold winter months. Blackout cellular blinds are perfect for blocking out the excess light and UV rays that stream through the skylight windows unobstructed. During morning hours when the sun is at its peak, the blackout blinds helps to block heat and light out creating a pleasant and cool ambiance inside. Cellular blackout blinds are extremely energy efficient and help to reduce energy costs significantly. They are available in a range of colors and textures that are well suited to different decor styles.
Blackout Skylight Shades

Flush Mount Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a single piece of fabric hung on a headrail without pleats, slats or louvers. They are simple and sleek and tailor-made for contemporary and minimalist homes. They are elegant and offer a finished look to the windows. They are extremely versatile and are available in a range of fabrics like sheer, light-filtering, room darkening and blackout depending upon your need for light control. This makes them a superb choice for skylight windows as you need to filter the excess sunlight and also block out the harmful UV rays. The light filtering fabric will allow diffused natural light to stream through while blackout fabric will block light out completely. Flush mount roller blinds look extremely neat and sit well on your skylight windows. You can opt for solid colors or patterned and designed ones to blend with your decor. For skylights, get specially designed roller blinds with sidetracks.

Flush Mount Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds make a great choice of window treatment for skylight windows. They come with 1-inch slat sizes which make a snug fit and allow you to control the light coming in through the windows. They offer great privacy and aluminum is well suited for keeping out the heat. So if you are looking for skylight blinds to block out heat and help keep the interiors cool and pleasant then these are perfect for you. The louvers can be adjusted for light filtration and for complete darkness and privacy, just close the blinds. They are durable and long-lasting and flush mount mini blinds make a stunning window covering for your gorgeous skylights. They are now available in a range of colors to match your surroundings.

These hard to reach windows can be operated with the help of sky rods as physically reaching them with your hands is often impossible. For great convenience, you can get motorized skylight shades that can open or close with the press of a button. Always opt for flush mount shades for your skylight windows as they make a snug fit, and look neat and streamlined.