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3 Shades That Are Great for Your Moon Shaped Windows

3 Shades That Are Great for Your Moon Shaped Windows

Moon shaped windows are a regular feature of period homes. Mostly found on top of doors or windows, moon-shaped windows are an architectural delight that adds a definitive character and charm to your room.

Moon shaped windows, also known as Arch top windows, are usually found on top of a rectangular door or window. Even in the semi-circular form, it comes with different variations. Some are eyebrow shaped, some resemble a quarter of a circle, some have straight sides, and some have an elongated tilt to it.

A moon-shaped window can be challenging to dress. If you try to dress them up in standard blind shapes, it would be a compromise, and would severely undermine the design integrity of the windows. But if you do it in style, these windows can create a dramatic effect in both modern and period homes.

3 Shade Ideas for your Moon-shaped Windows

If you wish to accentuate the traditional look of your moon-shaped windows, go for shades. Here we bring you three different shade ideas that will add glamour, sophistication, and refinement to your gorgeous windows.

Roman Shades

If you are looking for a window dressing that dominates the room, go for Roman Shades. Rich fabric Roman Shades in rich print are ideal for arch-shaped windows. Roman Shades come in all imaginable prints and textures, making it very easy to select a style that would beautifully match the overall décor of the room. The biggest advantage of Roman Shades is that it enhances the shape of any window by adding character and volume to it. This is especially true for glass-covered arch windows.

Roman Shades hang from the window in such a way that when you pull the string to open it, the fabric folds at a regular interval, giving the shade a neat, symmetrical look. In the case or arched windows, the pleats would form only up to the point the curve starts. Keep this in mind when you are planning your pleats.
Roman Shades also provide adequate protection from the harsh glare of the sun, keeping your room cool and comfortable. Roman Shades are equally good for insulation and noise cancellation. Add timeless glamour to your stunning windows with Roman Shades and enjoy the peace and tranquillity it brings with it.
Roman Shades for Arched Windows

Cellular Shades

Blackout cellular shades are probably the second most popular option when it comes to dressing arched windows. For a modern home, cellular shades would harness the traditional feel of arched windows to a large extent, molding it along the lines of the rest of the décor.
Cellular shades offer great insulation and light filtration options. You can select from a large selection of cellular shades, ranging from blackout to translucent shades. When open, these shades have a great decorative appeal. When you close them, they fold into a neat roll, restoring the window back into its full glory.
It looks best when you pair it with a similar shade for the rest of the door or window. As these shades a fully customizable, no matter how unusual your window looks, you will still find it easy to get full coverage.
Cellular Shades for Arch Windows

Woven Wood Shades

Probably not what will come to your mind first, but woven wooden shades can be an off-beat option for your moon-shaped windows. The glorious appeal of woven wood will be ideal for a tall, original window. The woven pattern would let in plenty of light while splattering the floor with attractive patterns. While your room gets washed in natural light, the natural fabric will keep the room cool and comfortable, ensuring your tall windows don’t turn your room into a blast furnace.
Woven wooden shades would operate on strings, in the same way as Roman Shades. When open, they may not go all the way up, providing a beautiful decorative cover for your stunning windows. Recreate the earthy feel of country life with these blinds.
Woven wood blinds are available in a variety of weave patterns, and colors, so that you are spoiled for choice when making a selection. Their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures and humid conditions is a major plus. These shades are also extremely environmental-friendly, and source from sustainable resources. Relive the fresh, stimulating allure of nature with these natural woven wooden shades.

Some Other Options

There are some other options if you wish to try out some other window dressing options for your windows.

Plantation Shutters

The traditional look of shutters makes them a natural choice for moon-shaped windows. Custom made plantation shutters would ensure a perfect fit, giving the window a neat, finished look. The heavy material of shutters is great for insulation, noise cancellation, and light-filtration.
Arch Wooden Shutters


To create some drama, you can layer curtains and sheers to add height and elegance your windows. The full-length design will provide greater insulation, greater flexibility in light-filtration, with enhanced privacy.
Curtains for Arched Windows

Roller Blinds

If you want to have a more modern look, go for roller blinds. You can either hang them straight from the top, which would give you complete cover, or run them on custom tracks. They are easy to maintain, and the sleek look would sync perfectly with modern décor.

Venetian Blinds

It might sound surprising, but Venetian blinds can be made to fit arch-shaped windows. These blinds would hang along the curve of the window, accentuating the beautiful design of the window without overwhelming the whole structure. With venetian blinds, you will get great flexibility of light control and blockage.
Redefine the timeless charm of your moon-shaped windows with these fantastic window dressing options, and let them take the center-stage in your home décor.

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