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3 Luxurious Living Room Window Coverings Anyone Can Afford

Living Room Window Coverings

3 Luxurious Living Room Window Coverings Anyone Can Afford


The living room is definitely one of the most important rooms of any home. That is the place where we sit together with the family and spend our quality time. Unlike the kitchen, bathroom or dining room, the living room is not limited to a few functions. We watch television, we chit chat, we read, and perform different types of activities. A general living room will be filled with a sofa and chairs since it requires a lot of seating.

The living room is also the room where the guests are seated. When it comes to home decor, the living room is the first room that pops up on our minds. It is the room which needs to be decorated beautifully.

Living Room Window Coverings To Elevate Your Home

For any home, doors and windows are the two main things that are noticed first. Hence, the way we decorate them decides the ambiance of your home.

  • Window coverings area great way to dress up your window treatments and improve the look of your home
  • Window treatments are not just to dress up your windows
  • They do more than that
  • They offer many advantages to your home
  • They offer the required privacy for your room
  • They let you control the amount of light entering your room
  • They insulate your home and make you feel comfortable no matter how bad the outside weather is
  • They also make it energy efficient and help you save on your energy bills
  • So, choose the best window shades for your room

Since there are different types of window blinds available in the market, most of us feel that it is a tough task to select the perfect window coverings for your room. But we are here to help you in choosing the best living room window coverings. Especially when it comes to living room window treatments, two main things you need to consider is that the window treatments must offer beauty and style to your room and it should also satisfy the requirements and needs of your home.

Since we use the living room for multiple purposes, it is very important to choose the right one.

Modern Living Room Window Blinds

Modern Living Room Window Blinds

The following are a few window treatments suggestions for your living room.

Dual Shades For The Living Room

Dual Shades For The Living Room

With dual window shades, we can create two types of ambiances based on our requirements. When you roll down the light filtering shade, it will make your room bright and beautiful since the light filtering shade lets the diffused light inside the home.

  • This shade filters the harmful and dangerous UV rays and protects your family and valuables from the harsh sun rays
  • The light filtering fabric also provides you a decent amount of privacy required for your living room
  • The blackout fabric helps you to make your room totally dark and sets the perfect night ambiance even during the day
  • With these shades, you can enjoy complete privacy and darkness
  • If you love watching movies, these shades let you enjoy the movie by creating a theatre experience

During the night you can use this blackout shade as it creates a dark ambiance that helps you to attain a perfect sleep. When you are watching the television, you can use this blackout shade as it blocks the glare from falling on your screen and this way, these shades offer two different functions and ambiances so that you can roll down the right one based on your needs. Hence dual shades are considered as one of the best living room window treatment ideas.

As dual shades are comprised of two shades in it, you get many options. These window shades have a large range of colors and patterns. As a living room consists of a lot of decorative items, make sure you choose the right color and pattern of these shades that can match with your interior decorative items and enhance the beauty of your living room.

Unique Drapery Window Treatments For Your Living Room

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery window treatments glorify your home by adding an unusual amount of glamour to your room. Drapery window treatments are soft and sleek and offer a smooth look to your room. The right choice of drapery window treatment can actually transform the look of your room and make it look like a paradise.

  • Drapes come in any number of styles, colors, fabrics, and textures
  • You can customize these window treatments based on your requirements
  • You can also combine the drapes with your blinds
  • The ambiance of your home depends on the color, fabric, and pattern of the drape you choose
  • Find the best window curtains for your living room
  • With blackout drapery window treatments, you can create a darker room or you can also create a bright room choosing a drape in a light color and thin fabric
  • Drapes let you create any type of design and style
  • It can be modern, classical, contemporary or mixed style, with drapery window treatments it becomes easy for you to design your home the best way

Select the suitable drapery hardware and make your drapery window treatments even more beautiful.

Valances And Cornice Boards For The Living Room

Valances And Cornice Boards

To improve the beauty of your living room, combine your window treatments with suitable valances and cornice boards. Valances and cornice boards are the two types of toppings that can be added to your window treatments add luxury to your existing window treatments and helps to improve the look of your room. These add-ons make your window treatments look amazing and give your room a great look. Valances and cornices are also available in many designs and colors. You can choose the best one that compliments your window treatments.


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