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3 Low Profile Blinds Perfect for Your Door

3 Low Profile Blinds for Doors

Sliding or French Glass Doors

Most houses have an outside space that is commonly referred to as a porch or patio. This is a small open area that is located adjoining the house. This space is used for entertaining people, poolside parties, chilling with friends or spending some solitary peaceful moments when the weather permits. The patio or the porch is accessible from inside the house through glass doors. They can be French doors or sliding doors depending upon your choice and turn out to be true show stealers. Sprawled across a wall from near the ceiling to the floor, these glass doors make an attractive addition to your houses.

Window Treatments for your Glass Doors

The wide expanse of glass allows a stunning view of the outside, allows an abundance of natural light to pour into the house and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. The ample sunshine and light spread cheer and positive energy. Beautiful as they are, these glass doors cannot be left bare. Glass, as we know, allows the loss of energy as they have little insulation. During the winter months, these doors can cause warm air to escape and during summer hot air will flow in. This affects the normal temperature maintained by heaters and air conditioners causing loss of energy. Moreover, the doors can cause security issues as they jeopardize your privacy. Untreated glass doors will expose your house to prying eyes of outsiders and peeping neighbors. And while natural light is good, this light needs to be diffused to help cut down glare and block the harmful UV rays which cause damage to both your health and interiors. There are innumerable beautiful and elegant window treatments available for your glass doors. You need to choose one that is visually pleasing, functional, and easy to operate and hassle-free. Your blinds and windows should not hamper the functionality of your doors.

Benefits of Glassdoor Blinds

Apart from the normal blinds and shades, you could also opt for shades mounted between the glasses depending upon your glass doors. There are numerous benefits of this style.

• No dust accumulation or allergens as the glasses are sealed.
• There are privacy channels or either side of the blinds for 100% seclusion.
• They help eliminate light gaps on either side for better light control.
• They are easy to use and can be raised, lowered and tilted with ease.
• The cordless mechanism makes them child and pet-friendly.
• Available in neutral and subtle shades they can be matched with any room décor.
• These shades come with a 5-year warranty to ensure value for money.

3 Low Profile Blinds for your Doors

When it comes to choosing blinds and shades for your glass doors you will be without a doubt spoilt for choice. From among these numerous choices we have shortlisted some low profile blinds that are perfect for your doors.
2” Aluminum Blind
Among the low profile blinds available in the market, these 2” aluminum blinds are perfect for your large windows and doors. They are durable, easy to handle, address your privacy concerns, and are affordable. Your 2” aluminum blinds are easy to clean and low on maintenance. They are lightweight which makes them easy to install. The aluminum blinds with their 2” slats come with decorative and color-coordinated components like valances, cloth tapes, etc. stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dust and mold resistant are some of the stunning features of these highly efficient blinds. They come with a crash-proof cord lock that protects them from rough use damage and sill damage. You can opt for cord tilt control, wand tilt control or even cordless control for better safety. Available in a wide array of colors to sync with your indoor décor, you’ll have no trouble in finding the right pair of blinds for your doors.
Aluminum Blinds for Doors

2” Vinyl Blinds

Another exciting low profile blind for your glass doors is the 2” vinyl blinds. They are available in a large variety of colors and textures which will help to enhance the appeal of your sliding doors. The stunning colors are really to look out for. These blinds also come with a limited lifetime warranty on headrails and a three-year warranty on the slats. They have a SureClose headrail system that helps to increase privacy and coverage. Cord lilt and optional wand tilt options are available for these vinyl blinds. Like the aluminum blinds, these too come with color-coordinated components and are easy to maintain.

Vertical Blinds

When it comes to dressing your large windows and glass doors, vertical blinds are unchallenged. Made of different materials like fabric or faux wood, these blinds are lightweight and durable. The easy slat tilt provides you with complete control over light and privacy. If you want to get an outside view, all you need to do is stack them to either side of the door or split them in the middle. Extremely functional and appealing, you can pair these blinds with some decorative valance or wood cornice.
• Fabric Sliding Door Vertical Blinds
Fabric vertical blinds are a great choice for your doors. You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles and textures to blend seamlessly with your décor. They have an old-world charm because of their traditional feel but you can add a modern touch by opting for modern styles and dashing colors. To open them you can have stacked neatly on either side of the door or by splitting them in the middle. They have a crisp and sophisticated appearance. Easy to install and operate accounts for their timeless appeal and popularity.
Fabric Vertical Blinds
• Faux Wood Sliding Door Vertical Blinds
If you like the sophisticated and elegance of wooden blinds you could settle for the low profile and more affordable faux wood blinds for your doors. Unlike real wood, they are made of composite wood material. They are charming with their original wood colors and stains. They add depth to any room and warmth and softness to the existing décor. You get the feel of real and natural wood but at less lost. Unlike wood, they are moisture-resistant and can survive under tough conditions.

If you are looking for a durable, affordable yet attractive window treatment solution for your glass doors then you can safely opt for any of the above three blinds. They are versatile and extremely effective without cutting a big hole in your budget.