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3 Eco-Friendly Window Treatments That Still Look Great

Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

3 Eco-Friendly Window Treatments That Still Look Great


Most of the people don’t know that window treatment is a great way to make an effort towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Installing eco-friendly window treatments is one of the ways to do your part for the environment. The following window treatments are eco-friendly in terms of resources and chemicals used in their manufacturing. Eco-friendly window treatments are manufactured using renewable resources and do not cause any harm to the environment.


Wrong Perception Towards Eco-Friendly Window Treatments


Many people have a wrong perception towards the eco-friendly window treatments. They think that they are expensive. But these window treatments are budget-friendly and highly affordable. These blinds and other window coverings offer all the benefits just like other window treatments do.

There are two major benefits to look for when buying eco-friendly window treatments: heat blocking, and energy efficiency.

Heat blocking

As these window treatments are basically made up of natural resources, they absorb the outside heat and cold in a natural way. They are strong enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions. They don’t let off any toxic chemicals when exposed to excessive heat and keep your air healthy and safe.

Energy efficiency

Eco-friendly window treatments are good for blocking the heat and cold during the extreme weather conditions. They result in making your home energy efficient. They insulate your home, which in turn helps you to make it energy efficient. So they help you reduce your energy bills and save your money as they reduce your reliance on heaters and AC.

Let’s take a look at a few eco-friendly window treatments:

#1. Graber Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are considered as one of the most beautiful types of window treatments. These window treatments make your room look extremely appealing. They offer a classic style to your room with a modern touch of beauty. These window treatments are made up of top quality wood and they are strong enough to withstand the worst weather conditions and keep your home comfortable. They guarantee a long lasting appeal to your home and make it look even more beautiful. They help you to dress up your windows in the best ever way.

  • Custom plantation shutters one good choice if you are looking for living room window coverings
  • You can also make your living room look beautiful by decorating with shutters inside

Graber Window Treatments

  • Graber window treatments offer brilliance to your windows and to your home
  • They offer privacy, comfort, light control to your room based on your requirements
  • These window treatments are available in a different number of colors, patterns, and designs
  • So, you can choose the one that fits your windows and home the best way
  • The right choice of window treatment helps you to complement your existing home decor
  • They are so strong and specially designed to resist warping, cracking, or fading when exposed to extreme weather conditions
  • These shades are manufactured by strong slats that can restrict the harsh sunlight by blocking them outside when they are closed, hence ensuring privacy and temperature control to your room
  • You can keep the slats open during the extreme summers and winters so that you can let in a decent amount of sunlight to enter in so as to make your room cozy

The wood used for these window treatments are American hardwoods that are responsibly managed and sustained.

#2. Real Wood Blinds

Real Wood Blinds

One amazing window treatment is the wood blinds. They help you to dress up your home in the best way by adding a touch of nature. Wooden blinds are manufactured by using real wood which is totally reusable and recyclable. These window treatments block the heat from entering your home in the best way and make it cool during the extremely hot days. You can install these window treatments in any of your rooms. They will surely enhance the elegance of your room with the soft touch of the natural wood. These blinds are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors for you to choose from.

  • These window treatments are highly durable
  • Real wood blinds also offer a long-lasting appeal to your windows and to your home
  • Wood blinds are also lightweight so they are easy to install
  • They offer amazing privacy and light control
  • They block the external heat and cold and help you to insulate your home and make it energy efficient
  • They help you to save on your energy bills and keep you safe and comfortable by blocking the harmful rays and the heat of the sun

#3. Roller Solar Window Shades

Roller Solar Window Shades

The roller solar window shades are a beautiful type of window treatments that are ideal for any room. The fabric you choose for these shades helps you to decide the ambiance of your room. You can choose from fabrics with different openness levels, ranging from solar (sheer) to light filtering to blackout. You can access the benefits of two window shades in one with a dual shade.

  • Roller solar shades work great in blocking the UV rays and protecting your home
  • These shades can also be installed for your outdoor windows to create a beautiful outdoor space
  • They offer you the required amount of privacy and light control
  • These shades are also available in a wide range of patterns and colors and hence you can choose the best among them


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