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3 Common Vertical Blinds Alterations You Might Want To Consider

3 Common Vertical Blinds Alterations You Might Want To Consider

Vertical Blinds Alterations for an Elegant Contemporary Home Upgrade

Vertical blinds are a popular and versatile choice to cover patio doors, large windows, and oversized windows. Their uniqueness and simplicity make them highly reliable and they have been modernized and upgraded for a comfortable living. Though these blinds are sturdy, last for long, offer smooth light and heat control, easy to replace, but people are losing their interest in these window blinds because of their monotonous look. If you feel the same and look forward to giving windows a modern feel then we have got good news for you. Over the last few years, the window fashion industry has come up with some unique, functional, and decorative vertical blinds alterations which give windows a more stylish feel than before. Gone are the days of old-fashioned, messy, clattering designs and it’s time to try out these new and unique modifications that will make windows and doors layered in style. In this article, we will show you the best changes that you can make to your vertical blinds that are aesthetically pleasing and create a safe sanctuary for your decor!

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Top 3 Vertical Blinds Modifications You Can Make

If you have old existing vertical blinds for years, then chances are there you might look for some upgrades to change the look of your indoor in a new way. Instead of investing on new window treatments, you can end up with some amazing transformation that will make the vertical blinds look new and fresh all over again with enhanced functionality. Finding the right alteration method to dress up your special doors and windows can be troublesome for many. But thanks to technology as it has come up with a wide range of high end solutions and some performing additions which are the perfect way to make these window solutions lively and versatile. Have a look at those changes that you may want to consider –

  • Replacing Vanes:

Vertical blinds come with different louvers or vanes and adjusting them in the right manner allows for light and heat control while ensuring indoor protection from outside hazards. With the time passes, the louvers may look a little cranky, discolored, faded, or old fashioned due to the impact of harsh weather conditions or any other reason. You can replace the louvers with new patterned or colorful ones for an interesting look that will add a new dimension character to the overall framework. For this process, you will require any flat card, slide it between the vane and hook. Now, push the vane little up and then pull down to release. Install the new vanes and you are ready to use them again. In the market, you will find plenty of charming and stylish vanes with different colors and textures, so get the one that will match your requirements.

  • Add/Replace Valances:

No matter whether your vertical blinds have valances or not, you can always install a new one or replace the existing one for a designer-worthy appeal. A valance installed over the top of the blind definitely adds value to your space while hiding the unwanted hardware element, improving the overall look of the window completely.

  • Adding a Retrofit Motorized Kit:

In today’s smart world, people are looking for the most convenient and luxurious decor solutions, and window blinds are not an exception. If your current vertical blinds are operable by a pull cord or chain, then integrating technology will increase the value of your product. Consider adding a retrofit motorized kit which allows the blinds to operate remotely. You need to attach this device to the blind chain and you are ready to access them smoothly and efficiently. Or you can replace the headrail with a motorized headrail as well for maximum efficiency.


Now you know the unique ways of changing the look and feel of your monotonous and traditional looking vertical blinds. They are an attractive and refined way to treat all your windows and doors while complementing your decor gracefully. There are many other ways too and you can explore them all, and make the changes accordingly. So, follow any of the methods and make an impressive statement for your entire arena.

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