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3 Cheap and Affordable Solar Blinds for a Tight Budget

3 Cheap and Affordable Solar Blinds for a Tight Budget

Would it not be great if you could just enjoy the view without having to worry about the heat? That way, even when it is burning outside, you still get your regular dose of vitamin D and the much-needed eye-therapy that usually comes free of cost with the spectacular view outside.

As a lot of heat-gain happens through the windows, most of the blinds in the market obsess over providing a thick and impenetrable barrier against the onslaught of the natural element. Also, to protect against the sun, blackout solutions are suggested as a remedy, that cuts off the view completely. The usual casualty is the view and the soothing effect a splash of outdoors brings with it. Solar blind offers you the perfect solution for this.

Motorized outdoor shades cut off most of the glare, absorbs and reflect a big portion of the heat, and generally keep the room cool with the combined effect of these two features. And all the while the view remains intact. Let’s look at a few more factors that will make you pause and consider these fantastic blinds for your next window renovation.

How Does Solar Blinds Help?

A Shield Against the Sun: Solar blinds act as a shield against the sun, which has quite a few benefits. Solar blinds cut off harmful Ultra-Violet rays almost completely, thus saving your interiors from preventable damage. Just like our skin, your furnishings and paintwork are vulnerable to decay when exposed to a sustained attack from the sun.

Keeps the Room Cool

Solar shades keep the room cool by reflecting by and absorbing part of the sun’s rays. As the room cools down, your air conditioner switches off, saving your energy and money. If keeping your room cool is the primary goal, go for solar shades.


The biggest benefit is perhaps the view. If your room opens up to a spectacular view, it would be a shame to let all that go to waste. With solar blinds, you will not have to compromise on the view. The thickly woven material keeps the sun out, while you get to enjoy the view. Lower opacity shades keep the sun out better, giving you a partial view, while the higher opacity shades preserve the view, albeit with the passage of more light.

Motorized Sun Shades

3 Cheap and Affordable Solar Blinds

Even if you are on a tight budget, solar blinds would still be the perfect fit. There are plenty of options out there that would fit a tight budget and still provide all the style and functionalities that would complete your room.

Crown Solar Shades

Crown Spring roller shades help you keep your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The sun protector feature protects your furniture all year round, making them last looking new for a long time.

With these shades, you get the chance to select the opacity of the fabric, from 3%, 5%, 10%, or 15% light filtering options. For example, with 5% material, you will get protection against 95% of UV rays, with only 5% reaching the interiors. You also get different control options, like a cordless, continuous loop, and so on. The color choice will also give you plenty of options.

Due to the varied options, these blinds would fall under the upper end of a tight budget, but still within the range of a modest range. With discounts, these blinds would cost you anywhere around $75 (approx.) per window.


Horizons Solar Shades

These shades are a perfect solution to several issues. They cut off the glare and harmful rays while allowing you to bask in the comfort of natural light. These blinds would preserve the view while keeping the interiors hidden from the world outside. This blind would be an ideal choice if you have a room that gets more than its fair share of the sun.

Available in a wide range of solid colors, these blinds would heighten the aesthetic appeal of any room. The tightly woven fabric would fill the room in a beautiful diffused light that would cover the whole room in a romantic atmosphere. You also get a choice of openness, from anywhere between 3% to 14% opacity. These blinds operate using an Easy-Stop control, making their operation child and pet safe. To open them, just give it a pull and it will rise to a predetermined height, which can also be done manually.

With attractive online discounts, you can get light filtering roller shades for as little as $113 (approx.) per window. Coupled with attractive prices, durability and easy maintenance make them a perfect choice for both home and commercial settings.

Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Graber Exterior Solar Shades are a great option for your outdoor space. With these shades, you get an attractive dual-benefit of privacy, protection, and energy savings. You can also hang these shades on the exterior of windows to cut off the glare and preserve energy, all the while enjoying the full pleasure of the view.

These blinds are available in 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10% openness, which give you varying levels of protection against UV rays. These blinds are made from heavy-duty material which is ideal for withstanding the elements. The material also provides greater privacy. They come with anchors which is great protection against strong winds. Look out for discounts that will allow you to grab a deal. With discounts, these blinds could come at around $143 approximately, for one window.

With so many features rolled into one, it is no wonder that these blinds are so popular with homeowners and commercial establishments alike. Grab a deal and make the most of your dollar with these amazing blinds.