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3 Bathroom Remodelling Upgrades On A Perfectly Planned Budget

Small Bathroom Plans

3 Bathroom Remodelling Upgrades – Small Bathroom Plans


A bathroom is a place where we start and end our day. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom when taking showers, combing and styling our hair, putting on makeup, or even just brushing our teeth. Once we come back from work, we freshen up in the bathroom. Even before going to bed, we wash up to feel more comfortable.

It’s very important to keep your bathrooms clean and tidy. If you invite any of your guests home, bathroom maintenance can be a judgemental zone where your guests judge you based on the experience they had using your bathroom. Make sure you create a wonderful ambiance in your bathroom. Window treatments help you to achieve the best design for your Small Bathroom Plans.

The bathroom is a private space where everyone spends their private times of every day.

Design For Your Small Bathroom Plans

If you are planning to give your bathroom a new look we are here to help you. But how do you remodel your bathroom in the cheapest way? Window treatments do the job for you. They help you in improving the look of your bathroom and also in satisfying the requirements for your bathroom.

#1. Privacy

The first and important thing that is required for your bathroom is “Privacy”. As bathrooms are extremely private spaces, we must make sure that we choose privacy window blinds for our bathroom windows.

#2. Light control

Light control is also one of the most important requirements that your bathroom window treatments should satisfy. As it is important to keep your bathroom clean and tidy, ventilation is essential

  • Allowing the sunlight inside the bathroom helps you to maintain a healthy and tidy ambiance in your bathroom
  • Poor maintenance of bathrooms can be unhealthy
  • It is very important to maintain your bathrooms clean and tidy
  • Window treatments can help you maintain privacy when needed and also allows the light in when you want it
  • Hence, choose the window treatments that can help you to allow natural light into your bathroom to maintain cleanliness and a comfortable ambiance

#3. Moisture Resistance

Another important requirement that your bathroom window treatments should satisfy is that they need to be strong enough to resist heat and moisture. As the bathroom window treatments encounter a lot of heat and moisture, they need to be chosen accordingly.

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom?

Let us learn about the different types of window treatments that help you to give your bathroom the desired look. The following are the various blinds for bathroom windows.

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical Cellular Shades

If you have sliding doors for your bathroom, choose vertical cellular shades.

  • These window treatments offer a unique style and design to your bathroom windows
  • They offer a beautiful modern look with a touch of classic traditional style
  • They offer incredible fashion with easy operation and highly insulating features
  • They also offer you many options of fabrics to choose from
  • From the light filtering to blackout, you can choose the desired type of fabric that you feel that it is the perfect choice for your bathroom windows
  • These window treatments are one of the Best Blinds for Bathroom privacy
  • These window treatments are perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors
  • All these attributes make the cellular vertical blinds a great choice for your bathroom windows
  • However, because these are fabric, be careful not to get too much water splashed on them or you can damage your shade.

Vertical Blind Valance Covers to Enhance Beauty

You can also add an extra layer of beauty and elegance by combining the vertical cellular shades with suitable Vertical Blind Valance Covers.

Vertical Blind Valance Covers

Graber Cornices And Valances

Valances and cornice boards are the decorative elements that are added as toppers to cover up the top of your window treatments and make them look more beautiful. There exists a wide range of valances that are suitable for your window treatments. Make sure that you select the perfect one that matches your window treatments and the other elements of your bathroom to give it a completely beautiful look. You can choose from the famous Graber Cornices and Valances collection. ZebraBlinds is now live with exclusive deals on  Cornices and Valances.

Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Shades

Upgrade the look of your bathroom and offer a beautiful and natural look with the Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Shades.

  • As these window treatments offer the sleek look of the roman shades, they make your bathrooms elegant and offers great functioning
  • As these are made up of the natural materials, they help you to contribute to the green world. These shades are also simple and easy to clean
  • You can clean them by dusting or vacuuming which is simple
  • These window treatments offer a very smooth operating mechanism which makes you fall in love with them

Since these are made of woven wood, be careful to get too much moisture on them or you can warp or damage your shade. If you are especially concerned with moisture but love the wood look, check out our Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom Windows below.

Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom Windows


  • These window coverings are made of lightweight slats
  • They are easy to operate
  • They dress up your bathroom in the best way as they offer a rich look to your bathroom windows and make it look amazing
  • Most importantly, Faux wood blinds are strong and also resistant to heat, moisture, and scratches
  • They offer you the desired amount of privacy and also help you to allow the natural light in when the slats are open
  • They also offer energy efficiency and help you to insulate your bathrooms
  • These window treatments can withstand any amount of heat or cold so these window treatments are the perfect choice for extreme weather conditions
  • They are also affordable and long-lasting
  • They are available in various different colors and styles

All these window treatments are available at at the best prices. Make sure you do not miss out the ongoing offers and get these blinds installed at the lowest costs. We also offer frees samples and frees shipping. If you have any questions related to these products or installation process, you can always contact our customer support team and they help you in every step and hence let you choose the perfect one for your room.

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