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3 Bamboo Blind Ideas to Impress Your Guests

3 Bamboo Blind Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Bamboo blinds come with a rustic simplicity that easily grips the attention. The quaint asymmetrical lines add a renewed charm to the room. Bamboo blinds effortlessly add a new texture to the room that is at the same time warm and refreshing.

Between the bamboo blinds on the window, and wooden floors, you get all the flexibility you need to carve out perfect levels of comfort for yourself. But looks are not the only reason for their rising popularity. They come with some really handy benefits!

Bamboo Roll-Up Shades

Advantages of Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds come with some surprising benefits, making them an ideal alternative to the usual narrative around window treatment solutions. Even when you leave aside its design diversity, the functional benefits will be persuasive enough to keep at least one corner of the house for these gorgeous blinds.

Design Options

The biggest thing going for bamboo blinds is the design versatility they offer. There is something for everyone. Be it vertical blinds, sheer curtains, roller shades, shutters, you name it, you will get it. It’s not just the design options that would have you spoiled for choices; the weave style also offers numerous options in a variety of shades. With so many options it is difficult to believe that they come from the same source.

Natural Material

Much of the design variations can be traced back to its source. The natural fibres are highly flexible, lending itself to a variety of renditions. Sometimes, fibres from other natural sources, like jute, grass, reeds, etc are added to get an asymmetrical look that goes so well with an earthy décor.


These blinds are great eco-friendly alternative to synthetic blinds. As bamboo grows very quickly, it is very easy to sustain the resources needed for bamboo blinds. Even at the time of disposal, the natural fibres decompose easily, without harming the environment. As consumers become more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, many of them are option to go bamboo blinds to reduce the impact on environment.


These natural fibres are extremely durable, especially when it comes to long exposure to sun. These blinds are a perfect choice for a room that receives plenty of sunlight for most of the day, like conservatories and verandas. The natural fibres are also resistant to rotting and warping.


These blinds are a perfect fit for a modest budget. Coupled with durability, the affordability of these blinds makes them one of the most popular choices for consumers looking to make most of their dollars.

Woven Bamboo Shades

3 Bamboo Blinds Ideas that will really Impress Your Guests!

Bamboo blinds have that unique quality of standing out without overwhelming the décor. Here we bring some simple, yet gorgeous design ideas that would definitely WOW your guests.

Black and White

If you want something simple yet elegant, go for a black and white décor. The dual impact of the monotones, accentuated with the soft camel woven bamboo roller shades, would create the perfect retro look. The woven shades let in plenty of light to create the perfect backdrop for the geometric design of your furniture and brooding seriousness of other dark accessories. The woven fibres would also create an attractive pattern of light and shadow on the floor, adding a bit of drama to the otherwise stark décor.

You can have woven bamboo roller shades with standard cord, continuous-loop style lift system, or can opt for the cordless option.

To compliment the look, go for trendy lamb shades and artistic wall décor. Provide some elements of surprise that will blend slate-framed windows and printed cushions. Make use of metallic center-table and chairs to heighten the drama.

Turquoise and Bamboo

Bamboo blinds also look exceptionally well with colors. Create that perfect relaxed look with full-length bamboo Venetian blinds in rich wood color. Go for broad slats to enjoy the panoramic view through the long windows or doors.

If you wish to have a modern cosy room, pair you wide-slat bamboo blinds with a grey sofa. Grey would form the perfect backdrop for a bolder choice of cushions. Go for cushions with gorgeous prints of purple, wine, mustard, or turquoise. Match your furnishings in an interesting blend of the colors used in the cushions. The effect would be a lively blend of shades that would immediately lift up the mood of the room.

These broad slats would give you a good view of the outdoor when open. When closed, these thick slats would cut off light, noise, and heat. The natural material of bamboo would be the perfect barrier against the onslaught of natural elements. Now you can peacefully relax in the beautiful haven you have created for yourself.

Green it Up

There is nothing more fitting that green and bamboo blinds. Freshen up your conservatory or outdoor space with gorgeous bamboo blinds and natural greens.

For conservatories and patios, bamboo blinds are a great idea. They can withstand sun for prolonged periods, while acting as a barrier against the heat. As a result, your conservatory or patio remains cool, while the fibres allow enough wind circulation to keep the interiors fresh and cosy.

In keeping with the cool atmosphere, deck up your conservatory with bright greens, beautiful pottery, and colorful wall art. Add plenty of light, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun has set. After all, your outdoor space can be an excellent extension to your living space, especially if you are having a big house party.

Turn your living space into an artistic statement with these simple, yet spectacular bamboo blind ideas and get ready to entertain your guests in style.

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