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3 Alternatives to Vertical Blinds – Add Luxury to Your Home

3 alternatives to vertical blinds that add luxury and a modern styling to your home

What Are Vertical Blinds And When Are They Useful?

When the slats of your blinds are positioned vertically rather than the conventional horizontal position of Venetian Blinds, they are usually called vertical blinds. In theory, they are a just a redesigned version of horizontal blinds. Although that may be the case, they do have some unique features. For instance, each slat covers a larger portion of the window. The operating mechanism of vertical blinds usually have more parts, and thus, occupy more space than horizontal blinds. Since the mount and the brackets of the blinds are on one side as opposed to being on top of the window frame, there is lesser obstruction to the view when the blinds are retracted.

By virtue of these unique features, vertical blinds become extremely useful when paired with large windows and even sliding glass doors. It is not only that the slats cover a larger surface area and they have more parts, but also that because of their design and aesthetic appeal, which makes their combination with larger windows very desirable. Depending on the material and other factors, vertical blinds generally are proficient in blocking sunlight, temperature control and giving you some privacy as well.

Why You Might Want Some Alternatives To Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds have multiple benefits, they do have their fair share of minor issues that might make you want to consider getting an alternative window treatment that is better suited for your home. Firstly, they can be somewhat noisy when they are drawn. Because of the blinds overall being large and bulky, they can become somewhat difficult and heavy to operate. They also occupy more space in a room when compared to horizontal blinds.

Another recurring problem is that because of their slightly complicated working mechanism. If you face a problem with the mechanism, it will be a little more difficult to fix on your own. Since they have more parts and work a little differently, you might have to seek professional help to fix them.

Furthermore, based on where your home is located, you might want a little more privacy or temperature control. Though vertical blinds can help you, some other window treatments specialise in privacy, sunlight blocking and temperature control and may fit your needs better than standard vertical blinds.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Vertical Blinds?

  1. Vertical Cellular Shades – Vertical cellular shades solve a lot of problems. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades are made out of fabric that comprise of ‘cells’ or’ honeycombs’ which act as extremely effective insulators for your home. While vertical blinds are good options for larger windows, they do not come with the same insulating capabilities of cellular shades. This is where vertical cellular shades come in. The vertical iteration of cellular shades, takes the advantages of cellular shades, and makes them applicable to larger windows without risking the loss of aesthetic appeal by maintaining symmetry.

It is also worth mentioning that on account of natural insulation properties, they are energy efficient, which makes them a viable option from a financial perspective.

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Door

  1. Draperies – Draperies are a very good alternative to vertical blinds. A constant problem, that many houses go through, is uneven flooring. If you decide to get vertical blinds for your window or sliding glass door, the rigid design of the vertical blinds will make the uneven flooring more prominent to the naked eye because of the sharp contrast between the flooring and the blinds.

Draperies also have unique designs, versatile fabric and patterns making them a standout pick. This versatility in design will help anyone find something that will suit their rooms, while also being an innovative approach to home décor. For larger windows and sliding glass doors, you can opt for something like light or sheer fabric which will help reduce glare while still allowing access to the view outside.

Drapery Panels for Living Room

  1. Solar shades – People have large windows or sliding glass doors because they want the view from that side to be a mainstay at their home so they can have access to it all points of time. The windows or glass doors might be overlooking a beautiful backyard or the pool. You might be using the room as a drawing room, home garden or a place to entertain guests with a lawn that is adjacent to the room. Whatever the purpose of the window or room may be, the view is an integral aspect to the functioning of the room. Vertical blinds, unfortunately do not give you a complete view. Even though they do their job well when they cover the window, they can be a hindrance to the beautiful view outside.

Solar shades solve this problem and become good alternative options to vertical blinds. They block harmful sunlight such as UV rays and prevent the glare from harsh sunlight, allowing you to enjoy the view without being uncomfortable, even on hot and bright days.

Exterior Solar Shades for Living Room

Are Vertical Blinds Still A Good Option For My Windows?

It boils down to a question of personal preference. Vertical blinds can serve as wonderful investments if they are chosen carefully. Firstly, they must suit the aesthetics of your room. It must go with the sense of style and theme of the room. After going through all your options, if you are still confused, you can always try the classic approach with something like vertical faux wooden blinds. Next, make sure you have adequate space for your vertical blinds. If you do not have any need for extra insulation or protection from sunlight, there is no reason why you should not get vertical blinds for your rooms. It is also important to note that just because vertical blinds are not bad options, (specifically for you), does not mean there aren’t any other window treatment options out there.

Are There Other Window Treatment Options I Can Experiment With?

When it comes to finding which window treatment works for you, the possibilities are endless. You do not have to stick with solar shades, vertical cellular shades or draperies. You can find out what works best for you based on aesthetic appeal. For example, net curtains can also be a very good option depending on the look of your room.

Prioritize about whether you want privacy more than the view and the sunlight or whether it is the other way around. Once you know what you want, making a choice will become easier.