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Decorate Your Windows with Vinyl Blinds for Aesthetic Brilliance

2 Inch Vinyl Blinds

2 Inch Vinyl Blinds – Decorate Your Windows for Aesthetic Brilliance

With a number of high-end and affordable window shades in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose which ones would go best with your indoors. However, before making a purchase, it is important to zero in on the climate characteristics of your home. What amount of rainfall falls in your area? Is your home prone to storms or tornadoes through the year? Is the weather usually cold? Or is it scorching hot during summers? How about the direction of the wind? Is the house located far from the beach, or within a 2 km radius? These are factors that would decide the window shades that you get for your home.

For instance, getting a light window treatment that lets in a lot of light would not be suitable if the place experiences extreme climates (too warm or too cold). Staying indoors can become rather uncomfortable without the proper insulation in that case.

In this section, we discuss 2 Inch Vinyl blinds: plastic or synthetic blinds that have become the newest standard in the world of window treatments. People have come to understand their benefits and often prefer them to fabric or wood blinds. Let us read further to delve deep into the features of these beauties.

2 Inch Vinyl Blinds

2 Inch Vinyl Blinds are worthy and practical window treatments that provide a fresh and unique look to your windows and indoors. With their appealing and eye-catching design, they are easy to purchase as they are affordable. They can change the look of your indoors in an instant, turning it from ordinary to stylish in no time. At ZebraBlinds, you can get them custom made and suited to your requirements.

Here are the two superb Vinyl Blinds available at ZebraBlinds:

2 Inches Vinyl Graber Blinds


2 Inch Vinyl Graber Blinds


For ultimate efficiency and aesthetic appeal, you can pair this 2-inch Vinyl Graber blinds with any other Graber product. Available in a variety of colors and textures to suit and match different wall colors, they are a must-have for any form of indoor. Some of the most appealing colors that they can be ordered in include Fiber Cinnamon, Linen Ebony, Rapture Steel, Coronation Decree, Georgetown, and Safari Buffalo, all available at ZebraBlinds. These blinds are accompanied along with the patented Sure Close headrail system, which is meant to provide an optimum level of coverage and offer privacy in the process. Besides, they also come with an optional wand tilt, cord tilt, an additional decorative tape, and color-coordinated components. Getting them installed on your choice of windows requires no rocket science; it is a rather simple process than you can carry out yourself with ease. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the box, and contact a professional to resolve any doubts.

1-Inch Designer Vinyl Blinds SS


1 Inch Designer Vinyl Blinds SS


The 1-inch Designer Vinyl Blinds SS from ZebraBlinds may be an affordable and cost-effective solution to your window treatment woes, but it is as practical, handy and functional options in window blinds you could expect from the best. Its superior light controlling abilities provide a superior and fabulous glow for your indoors.

These blinds come in a stylish and appealing combination of the premium-quality headrail and bottom rail that made of steel. They are complemented with hidden brackets that make the entire installation procedure simple, while also providing an appealing look for the windows. They are also available in a myriad of colors such as Bronze, Alabaster, Light Gray, Hunter Green, Wheat, Mauve and White.

Advantages of Having Vinyl Window Blinds

Being the wonderful home window treatments that vinyl blinds are, here are a few reasons why you should line up your windows with these fabulous decor items.

  • The material used (vinyl) is durable and long-lasting, making them an investment worth making.
  • They are moisture-resistant, dust-resistant, and fire retardant, making them ideal to use in any season. Because of this feature, they usually last longer than most other window treatments.
  • Because of their slat sizes, they allow for great light control, thus being able to customize your indoor experience. You can choose privacy whenever you wish to by shutting them close, and bask in the glory of natural light as and when you need it.
  • As they come in a range of colors, you can choose one that goes well with the overall mood of the interiors.
  • There are several blind control options in them: cordless, corded, and motorized. To ensure child or pet safety, you can go for the motorized/cordless options.


To enable the best use of such fabulous window treatments, you must place your order today at ZebraBlinds and pamper yourself with affordable and practical window treatments such as Vinyl Blinds to serve you for years to come.

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