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10 Living Room Window Treatments for the Winter Season

10 Living Room Window Treatments for Winter

Personally speaking, it used to be a Herculean task to get out of bed early in the morning. Not that I was particularly lazy, but because the winters simply refused to leave. Also because my quilt was so comfy and my house so cold that I often fooled myself into staying in bed for “another five minutes”. So from the months of November till February, my work did not begin until about 10 in the morning. It was another matter that I compensated the time by working until late into the evening. However, my wife wasn’t too happy with this. She wanted to spend some time with me in the evenings, and perpetually asked me to come back early. However, for that, I needed to leave for work before 8, so I could finish it by 5 and return home. So being an organized problem solver, my better half did the logical thing: getting the room cozy and comfortable enough so that I wasn’t bothered by the winter. And it paid off well! So how did we do it? Well, all we did was to get the right window shades in the room as well as the rest of the house. Currently, every room in the house has window shades that insulate the indoors well. Not only have these shades brought down the electricity costs by reducing the need for a heater but they have also improved the overall look of the home with their aesthetic quality.

Window Treatments for Effective Insulation

Earlier, all I had was a thick window valance on each of my windows. I do not deny the appealing design of it. It was gifted by a close relative and we didn’t want to part with it because of its sentimental value. But however much I deny, the item wasn’t good enough in protecting us against the winters. In the evenings, we sat on the couch with blankets covering our bodies, teeth jittering while having hot coffee.

Based on our experience and a desire to change things for the better, I present the 10 best window treatment ideas for effective insulation and comfortable space when the winds get colder.

1. Blackout/Room-Darkening Curtains: When you are not too sure about the operation of modern-day shades, it’s better to go for the tried-and-tested, familiar option. In my opinion, these window treatments will never go out of vogue. Simply because they have the best designs to offer. From ethnic, aztec, floral and stripes to geometric, graphic and solid, their versatility is their major highlight. To insulate your indoors, go for the room darkening and blackout fabric in curtains.

2. Window Quilts: These items are add-ons to existing blinds or shades that are already installed on the windows. Window quilts are usually made from foam and other materials to drown out outside heat, cold and noise to let you enjoy your privacy and cozy interiors in peace. They are attached in such a way to avoid heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers. Certainly one of the most effective ways to insulate your rooms and reduce monthly electric bills.

3. Roman Blinds: There is hardly any equal of them when it comes to the variety on display, except, maybe, curtains. At Graber, these shades are available in the Artisan Collection, meticulously hand-tailored and made from the choices of high-quality materials that are fabulously crafted and durable. They are also certified safe for kids as there are options available in cordless controls too. Roman blinds are without a doubt one of the most coveted window blinds available today.
Roman Blinds
4. Wood and Faux Wood Shutters: Owing to their thick slats, they allow for greater temperature, light and sound control. These features make them extremely reliable in all seasons, not just winters. Their slats, meanwhile, provide a fabulous textured look which you can boast about in your social circles, especially when inviting your pals over for a drink or two. While real wood is a hallmark of luxury and comes more expensive, faux wood blinds come at a fraction of the cost and are lighter than the original. They are also dust and dirt-resistant, and can be used in areas prone to moisture such as the kitchen and the bathroom, and would come in handy during the rainy season.
Indoor Shutters
5. 1-Inch Aluminum Blinds: With limited space between them even when they are open, these blinds are great for light diffusion. The sturdy material, besides, is great at insulation and does not allow any heat to escape when temperatures drop. A major feature of them is they have no openings or cracks that may allow light to seep in from the sides. Plus, the fabulous texture gives them a beautiful appearance which makes them ideal for your bedroom and dining room spaces.

6. Blackout Blinds: No, I’m not talking any curtain or triple-cell shades here. Neither am I talking about Vertical or Vinyl blinds where the special fabric with foam-like properties does the trick. Blackout blinds are a sheet of dark-colored fabric that keeps out the outside weather from disrupting your comfort. Compared to other treatments with all sorts of hardware and motorized controls, this one provides a minimalistic touch and does the job at the lowest possible costs.
Best Blackout Blinds
7. Cellular Shades: When you have three layers of materials with air-trapping features and a fabric that is built to last under the harshest weather, you can be assured that you’ve spent your money right! Honeycomb shades can also be set up as day-night cellular shades for privacy during both morning and evening, at a level you desire.
Energy Efficient Cellular Shades
8. Window Films: The original idea was perhaps to avoid the sun’s ultraviolet rays from wreaking havoc on the homeowners’ health. However, when these films are taped on the sides, allowing for no colder air to pass through, they may be great choices on their own to put up during extreme weather conditions. If you are bothered about their simplistic design, top them off with a window treatment of your choice to layer your windows.

9. Additional Layers: Sometimes a window shade might not be enough to prevent the cold wave of air from penetrating into the room. In such a case, it is important to cover your window spaces with an additional layer of material, especially made from an insulating fabric.
Layering Window Coverings
10. Mixing Window Treatments: A combination of two or more window treatments (ideally, just two) can impact your living space in a number of ways. Besides beautifying the windows and the look of the room, as a consequence, they can provide the best of both worlds in window ideas. When light diffusion fails, bring in the sheer window treatment. And when the weather gets cold, cover the window with the blackout fabric. So valances with shutters, curtains with single-cell honeycomb shades, and light filtering curtains with blackout curtains are some of the ideal ways to mix two window blinds.

So before finalizing your window treatments, it is important to go over each option and weigh the positives and negatives. Also, understand the do’s and dont’s of window shades and the cost associated with each product. While the positives of some window treatments outweigh others, there might be some budgetary constraints. So, finalize your options only after taking your time doing the proper research.