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Here’s Why Cordless Blinds Can Be As Effective As Any Other Window Treatments

How To Use Cordless Blinds

Here’s How To Use Cordless Blinds And Why Cordless Blinds Can Be Effective     Our windows are our home’s connection to the outside world. They provide us the necessary ventilation and an opening through which we can enjoy the cool breeze and the natural sunlight that is prevalent throughout the year. In the absence of windows, the house becomes claustrophobic and enclosed,…

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6 Ways To Survive The Summer with Heat-Blocking Window Treatments

Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades

Survive The Summer with Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades   After the cold, biting winters, summers are a welcome treat. The iced teas, the barbeque get-togethers, the family outings are an escape for the body, mind, and soul. But with summers also come the scorching heat and the harsh harmful UV rays. While it is easy to use sunblock to protect from the sun,…

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