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Struggling with Space: Window Treatments For A Small Residence

Sheer Horizontal Window Shades

Creative Ideas To Beautify The Windows with Sheer Horizontal Window Shades   With a constant increase in population density and a hike in prices, affording a big apartment is getting harder with every passing day. Big cities are struggling with space, meaning architecture is increasingly vertical instead of horizontal. And this vertical planning has led most of us to bijou apartments. If you…

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6 Tips on Choosing Blinds For Palladian Windows

Blinds For Palladian Windows

Tips on Choosing Blinds For Palladian Windows   Windows do more than just let air and light in. As an architectural structure, they can transform the ambiance in a home. One of the most sweeping forms is the Palladian windows. Named after the famous Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, these architectural beauties became popular in the 16th century. His focal interpretation evolved…

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5 Reasons To Choose Smart Window Treatments For Your Home

Z Wave Motorized Blinds

It’s All About Z wave Motorized Blinds   Installing Z-wave motorized blinds to your windows is an easy way to upgrade your home. But why are these window treatments so special? Most people think that convenience and luxury are the only benefits that smart window treatments offer your home, but that is totally a wrong perception. Smart window treatments are special…

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