Blackout Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Unleash an aura of comfort and elegance in the ambiance of your home with the help of Blackout Cellular Shades. These are the ultimate choice for your windows in order to be able to curb the extensive heat that seeks an entry to your home during the summer. The rays of the sun can create havoc in your home if they are not kept away. Soaring and rising temperatures can make life uncomfortable for you. So bring home these blackout cellular shades that can block the scorching heat rays of the sun and provide much-needed shade for you to thrive. Cooler ambiance is what you can expect with the help of these Blackout Cellular Shades. These window coverings can help in making your home energy efficient as the temperatures will be reduced due to which the functioning of the air conditioner can also be limited leading to reduced utility and power consumption bills.


These cellular shades have the ability to retain the cool air or hot air during the summers or the winters, thereby, leading to the temperatures being regulated in your home at moderate levels. Another bright aspect of these window coverings is that the blackout option can also lend a great amount of privacy for the indoors of your home. The availability of these window coverings in a number of colors ensures that you can decorate or style up your home in accordance with the color scheme of your choice. Therefore, attaining an uniform and well-coordinated look for the décor of your home is a possibility now.

Some of worth mentioning offerings in this category are as follows- Portrait Norman Blackout Honeycomb Shades, CrystalPleat Graber® Blackout Cellular Shades, CrystalPleat® Graber® Blackout SkyTrack™ Skylight Cellular Shades, Crown Blackout Cellular Shades and many others. These shades are lightweight and installing them is a hassle free and convenient process. Cleaning and maintaining the spic and span look of these shades is also very easy and convenient.