Black Roller Shades

Roller window shades are a great and inexpensive way to dress a window. Available in a variety of designs and fabric types, these window coverings work for many styles and fit on just about any window frame. Whether you go for room darkening, light filtering, or even blackout roller shades, you can choose from a variety of different colors to fit your style. Black roller shades for windows stand out as an amazing way to provide a subdued but stunning accent to your home. With their modern design and look, they are great for minimalist or contemporary decor styles.


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  1. Crown Roller Shades Light Filtering 40
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    Crown Roller Shades Light Filtering

    Fine woven polyester fabric with a crisp, modern look

    Continuous cord loop or cordless lift available

    Allows gently filtered light, perfect for kitchens, living rooms, offices, and more

    retail : $100.28
    (60% OFF)
  2. LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades 44
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    LightWeaves® Graber® Roller Shades

    100% Polyester

    Same Color Street Side

    Usable Fabric width up to 76"

    retail : $263
    (36% OFF)
  3. Horizons Designer Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades 39
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    Horizons Natural Woven wood shades
    ZebraBlinds Natural Woven Roman Shades
    retail : $576
    (67% OFF)
  4. Horizons Natural Woven wood blackout dual shades 39
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    Horizons Natural Blackout Dual Shades
    Horizons Natural Woven wood blackout dual shades
    retail : $1152
    (68% OFF)

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Is a black roller shade the same as a blackout roller shade?

When we are talking about black roll up window shades, we are just referring to the color of the material itself. On the other hand, blackout shades refer to the opacity of the material and usually have a foam backing that blocks 100% of the light.

Black roller shades can be chosen in blackout, light filtering, or even solar material. So if you want that striking black look without the complete darkness, go for 5% or higher black roller shade that still lets in some natural light. Black doesn't mean that your room needs to be dark or stuffy!

Do you need to choose black window treatments to get blackout shades?

On the other hand, blackout shades are available in all different colors. You do not have to choose a dark or black color to get the blackout effect, as long as the material itself is designated as blackout. This means that you can get a white blackout shade and it will still block 100% of the light through the material itself.

Do black roller shades absorb heat and light?

Black roller shades are great absorbers of heat and light. This means that they can be utilized to radiate heat into the room, making them more ideal for winters. Alternatively if you want less heat, you would go for a lighter color fabric as it would reflect the heat. One other feature of black roller shades is that when chosen with a solar fabric, they are easier to see through than lighter colors. This is because they absorb the light and give a clearer and less distorted view through the solar material.

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