Black Exterior Solar Shades

Outdoor spaces such as a backyard, gazebo or pergola is one of the most favorite places in any home. If you have a beautiful porch, that is a place where you spend time with your family and friends. But there are a few limitations that stop us from spending time outside. The significant restrictions are privacy, temperature, harsh light, and safety. But when you have our fantastic Black Outdoor Sun Shades, you don't need to compromise on any of these features for your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor blinds help you protect your exterior spaces and let you relish your time spent outdoors. These incredible window treatments offer great privacy, light control, and help block heat from direct sunlight. They also secure your space by not allowing the outsiders to see in during the day time. These motorized outdoor shades are available in many different fabrics, and you can choose them from various levels of openness to create the desired look you wanted. They come in different levels of opacity from 1% to 14%.

As the color of the window treatments brings out the best look for your home, be wise in selecting the perfect color that matches your outdoor space. One of the beautiful colors that looks impressive in any space is Black. Black is one of the most adaptable and flexible colors as they can be combined with any other window treatment or decor style. Choose Black Exterior Solar Shades for your outdoors and dress it up amazingly.


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  1. Crown Exterior Solar Shades 40
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    Crown Exterior Solar Shades

    Privacy features standard

    Decorative Valance

    Scratch & moisture resistant

    retail : $266.72
    (59% OFF)
  2. Graber Exterior Solar Shades 43
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    Graber Exterior Solar Shades

    Maintain view, Manage glare

    Block damaging UV rays

    Control temperature

    retail : $248
    (29% OFF)

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Black Outdoor Solar Shades

As exterior shades can be quite large and require constant adjustment up or down depending on the time of day; motorization might be a great option. Motorization makes it easy to operate them from a far with a remote control. You can also purchase a wifi bridge for smartphone control.

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