Black Dual Window Shades

Dual shades are one of the more innovative shading solutions currently available.They are ideal for many areas like residential, commercial and other places. They are basically two shades (which are light filtering and blackout fabrics) in one mount that allows maximum privacy and light control assorted in a single installation. The blackout fabric of the dual shades prevent light and heat when needed and the light filtering fabric filters light and lets it in while preventing heat from entering. The dual shading system offers the flexibility to control the light controlling shade and the blackout shade independently. You can operate them manually when you have the corded lift system or by a remote if they are motorized. The light filtering fabric lies closer to the inside of the home with th e blackout fabric behind it; you can also opt to have the order reversed.They are versatile and allow you both daytime and night time privacy.

When fully raised, they give a totally unobstructive view from your doors and windows. To match any home decor, choose Black Dual Window Shades. Black is one of the authoritative and impactful colors that upgraded the style of any room.


Dual Motorized Black Window Shades

You can also customize them with convenient lift options which makes them even more easier to operate. Choose Dual Motorized Black Window Shades for an easy operation. They will allow you to roll up all your shades with the single press of a button.