Ballerina Fields - 11" X 14"

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acrylic painting; brush and knife; hand painted, ballerina, use of rich colors

An original acrylic painting by Lisa M P. An up and coming artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Size of the art piece is 11″ x 14″. The painting was mainly done using a knife and brush.

Ballet as we know is a popular form of dance which requires a lot of skill and diligence to master and a ballerina is highly accomplished, skilled and well-trained ballet dancer. Their effortless moves, stances and elegant dance postures are much loved and enjoyed across the world. Their performances are highly charged and can be quite a hair-raising experience for the spectators. The artist’s portrayal of a ballerina using acrylic colors is a brilliant piece of art and a sheer joy for dancer lovers and appreciators. Unlike the ballet performances which are held indoors, this painting shows the ballerina in dancing for herself in a beautiful open surrounding. With chin up, balancing on her toes with one leg and arm thrown out in wide abandon is a reflection of the carefree spirit of the ballerina. A fascinating play of yellow and brown shades of colors and the ballerina against a light background makes the latter the focal point of the painting.

Hand painted with brush and knife, the painting is available in a size of 11” * 14”. Ready for hanging on the wall, the picture is a good choice for large, medium and small rooms. The painting is sure to add aesthetic value to your room.

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