Artisan Specialty Draperies

Exit the norm and achieve modern elegance for your interiors with the superb Artisan Specialty Drapes from Graber. Not everyone is trumped up with the classical formality provided by pleated drapery, so choose from an assortment of header styles like tab tops and plain tops with a flat profile, rod pockets for gathers, back tabs for rolls, and grommets for cutting edge style, and create the sophistication you desire.

Graber’s Specialty Drapery allows you to set the mood for any occasion as the drapes are crafted with an intricacy that appeals to all – weighted down bottom hems for stability and improved fall; double turned hems for added protection and extra weight; mitered corners for neatness and style; pattern-matching for seamless continuity. You can choose from a fabulous line of fabrics in prints, solids, stripes, jacquards and sheers and allow your drapes to cascade into pools on your floor, or hang in straight elegant lines and break above the floor, or skim your window sills.


The Rod Pocket Style of drapery refers to headers that have a strip of cloth tailored to the header to form a hollow tube-like opening to allow a drapery rod to be pushed in with ease. The rod pocket may be tailored flush with the edge of the header or at a desired 1½”-5½” inches below the edge of the header (depending on the diameter of the drapery rod) to help create delightful shirrs above the rod for a delightful feminine touch

The Grommet Top Style of drapery refers to round, square or diamond holes punched into drapery headers and riveted with grommets or eyelets of the same shapes to add protection and cutting edge style. They lend a neat, no-nonsense look to your windows and room. Graber uses metal finished grommets in antique gold, black, brushed nickel and satin smoke. Just slide the drapery pole through the grommets, and the job is done!

The Plain Top Style refers to pin hooks attached to the top edge of the drapery header to be suspended by rings on a drapery rod. This style makes for a simple and quiet elegance.

Opt from a range of liners like the standard, premium sateen, blackout and thermal for your drapery based on requirements of fabric protection, privacy, light control and thermal insulation.

The Back Tab Top Style or hidden tab top refers to tabs attached to the back of the headers to develop a pleasant roll pleat that hangs straight. Simply slide the drapery rod through the tabs to suspend drapes.

The classic Tab Style refers to 3½” length tab tops looped to the drapery header. An alternative wrapped tab top is available as an added stylistic feature in which a decorative piece of fabric is wrapped around the tab top.

For the best draping results, hang drapery panels from a minimum of a foot above the window and have drapery rods fitted with a minimum overhang of 4 inches on either side of the window. When sizing, use a 2:1 fabric to window ratio for all styles except the rod pocket style, for which a 2.5:1 ratio is optimal for regular drapery, and a 3:1 ratio for sheers.