Artisan Pleated Draperies

When it comes to window décor, think classic; think timeless; think pleated drapery from Graber. Crafted with an exquisite eye for detail, this state of the art drapery finds unlimited style and utility in any interior space. From prints to jacquards, blocks to stripes, and intricate sheers, Graber’s Artisan collection helps create the ultimate couture in window fashion.

Line the fabric to enhance its substance, drape it so it provides the élan you desire – allow it to puddle on the floor for an opulent look, or allow it to stop just short of the floor for more formal elegance, or allow it to skim window sills for a clean, unfussy style.

Find drapery hardware that will bring the beauty of the drapery fabric to relief – of a color and material that blends with other interior elements and adds to the window décor. Use pleats that find reflection in their interior environment – finger pleats, cartridge pleats, roll pleats, box pleats!


Graber’s range of Artisan Drapery is crafted from an extensive collection of fabric, styles and textures that complement any style of décor. Tailored to perfection, this drapery sports double turned hems, mitered corners, sewn-in liners for fabric protection, and weighted bottoms for a fantastic fall, and fabric patterns are matched to appear seamless.

Choose pinched finger pleats for traditional elegance, box pleats for a formal ambiance, roll pleats for a modern touch – your choice is endless!

The headers of these pleated drapes are backed with the sturdy buckram fabric so that the pin hooks can be inserted onto it for suspension, without damaging the base fabric. Go for a suitable fabric length based on function – allow drapery to pool on the floor for elegance as well as added insulation; allow it to break an inch from the floor if you have children and pets underfoot; allow it to dance at the edges of window sills in places like bathrooms and kitchens.

While deciding on fabric sizes allow for an optimal 2.5:1 fabric to window ratio, keeping in mind the length of the drapery rod as well, and a 3:1 ratio for sheers. Please refer to our sizing chart to decide on the appropriate number of pleats to be used per panel

Use center split panels for large windows which will allow for panels to be swept or swaged to the sides of the window to allow for an excellent view and to let in the desired amount of light; use single panels for narrow windows; and to highlight windows, use stationary panels with a fabulous top treatment – ideal for windows that don’t require insulation.

Add cords or tie backs to secure drapes to the sides of your windows – straight or contoured, they add to window appeal. Edge them with gimps, fringes or tassels to stylize further.

Line drapery fabric with the standard or premium sateen lining to protect your fabric; the blackout or thermal lining to cut out light during the day or add insulation, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your home; and the water repellent lining to protect the drapery fabric from moisture.