Artisan Elegance Pleated Drapes

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Artisan Elegance Pleated Drapes are made for the home windows with soft color tone where the white color suits any existing indoor style. They add an extra value to the windows. Buy them online at a discounted price with free shipping.

Artisan Pleated Whites Drapery Panels from Graber are blended with perfect style and trend. The white color and crisp pleated design will adorn your existing furnishings. These panels are modern day living style furnishings where you get complete satisfaction in terms of style, fashion, protection and decoration.

These panels will make your interior a place to cherish and adore every moment you spend with your families and friends. So, let’s have them as your windows coverings and admire your home indoor with style and fashion.

Purpose of this drapery panel is very simple is to make you feel better and worry free while using them. Yes, you will free from tension in terms of sun protection, privacy control, insulation, light control and decoration while using them as your window panels. They are perfect to cover your windows frame to give it a canvas to portrait the style and mood. The light control features help you to achieve desired level of illumination by putting them on the windows frames. They come with fabric designs and pleated style for better look and feel. Now, you can get a considerable amount of privacy by blocking the outside views. The fabrics won’t allow outsiders to see the details through the fabrics, but silhouettes and shadows can be seen through it. They protect your wooden furniture from direct sun exposure. The fabrics block the harmful UV rays to stream through into your rooms. When seasonal variation comes, these panels will offer you a significant amount of insulation from heat and cold. The fabrics won’t allow the hot air to go out during the winter; whereas the heat will not pass-through during the summer. They are excellent energy savers also by keeping your energy bill within your budget. So, bring these environment-friendly panels to your home and enjoy the lifestyle.


- Style Selection enables consumers to express their personalities, preferences and tastes.
- The broad range of fabrics, patterns and color choices will coordinate with and complement any decor.
- Made to fit almost any size window. Specific styles available in corner and bay configuration.
- Fabric appearance can vary based on lighting and selected liner
-Fabric can fade gradually over time; fading can occur at a faster rate if exposed to direct sunlight
-Stretching and shrinking can occur; amounts will vary depending on climatic conditions
-Due to fabric construction and weight variation, restrictions may apply; blackout and thermal liners are restricted on specific fabric and product styles due to weight

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Cleaning Methods

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Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty

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Product Specifications

Panel One Way Draw (Standard)

Min Width: 15"
Max Width: 213"
Min Height: 18"
Max Height: 216"

Pair Draw (Standard)

Min Width: 30"
Max Width: 213"
Min Height: 18"
Max Height: 216"
Available Options

- Draw Types: Panel One Way Draw or Pair Draw (Standard)

- Liner Options: Standard, Thermal, Water Repellent, Blackout Liners available (Optional)

- Standard with Interlining or Water Repellent with Interlining available (Optional)

- Banding (Optional)

- Trim (Optional)

- Color Blocking (Optional)

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