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Looking for something cheap and durable? Then you're looking for our Aluminum Venetian Blinds.

Graber and Crown, leading window covering making brands, make high-grade Aluminum Venetian Blinds with the latest modern blind styles and trendy colors. These horizontal slat blinds provide many practical benefits and are a great addition to your home. Customize them to any measurements of your home windows - for both the outside or inside mount option. Custom Aluminum Venetian blinds are ideal for homes, offices, commercial spaces, and more. Along with practical perks, these window blinds have hassle-free operation and handling.


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  1. 1 inches Aluminum Insignia Graber Blinds 39
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    1 inch Aluminum Insignia Graber Blinds

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  2. 1 inch Aluminum Classics Graber® Blinds 39
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    1 inch Aluminum Classics Graber Blinds

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    Crash proof cord lock

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Unique Features of Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Venetian Aluminum Blinds offer the best features at a budget-friendly price.

  • As an alternative to wooden blinds, aluminum slats are incredibly durable, being fire retardant, dust resistant, stain resistant, and scratch resistant.
  • The gauge of the aluminum stats is its thickness. Most blinds are six gauge for a sleek design and refined look.
  • The wand controls the tilting mechanism of the slats; whereas the cords help to raise or lower the blinds as per your desired level.
  • To allow light into the room, adjust the slats accordingly.
  • With an array of colors available, these classically styled blinds offer excellent control over privacy and brightness.

Crown's Cordless One Touch Blinds can be raised by just lifting the blinds and can be tilted by tilting the bottom rails. Cordless blind Cordless blind lift options are also safer examples of child proof blinds, perfect for homes with small children and pets.

Graber provides a variety of elegant colors for its affordable One-inch Custom Skylight Aluminum Venetian Blinds, which are very durable. These Aluminum Skylight Blinds have skypoles that make them simple and smooth to operate. Graber Aluminum blinds come in half inch, one inch, and two inch slat sizes with options like inverted slats and nine gauge slats. The inverted slats create more reflected light, making your interiors brighter without compromising privacy.

When you need privacy, simply close the slats. Because their versatility and durability, these Window Blind Collections are perfect for both domestic and commercial uses. Upgrade your home with these classic blinds and transform your room's look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix twisted aluminum mini blinds?

A common issue with blinds is that slats can get twisted easily. To fix this, make sure the slats are in a closed position by twisting the wand. Stuck blinds will not move unlike the others. Keep turning the wand until the slats are fully closed and turn it the opposite way. All slats should now move in sync. If the problem persists, please let us know via live chat or email referencing your order number.

What are the top uses of aluminum blinds?

Aluminum binds give a sleek design at an affordable price. Because of this, they are often used for homes, offices and industrial spaces.

What are the different sizes of aluminum blinds available?

At, you can find ½”, 1”, and 2” sized- aluminum blinds

What are aluminum venetian window blinds?

Aluminum venetian window blinds have horizontal aluminum slats held together by a cord ladder. Like most blinds, aluminum venetian blinds give better control over light, heat, and privacy as they can be controlled by tilting the slats or lowering the blinds. Many aluminum blinds in the market have an option to invert their slats which allows the reflective side of the slats to be exposed to the street. This means that light coming into the window gets reflected out by the blinds and, in return, causes less heat to enter the room.

How to clean aluminum venetian blinds

Typically, aluminum blinds can be cleaned by vacuuming, dusting, or spot cleaning. We suggest checking the cleaning methods of the product as recommended cleaning methods in every product varies.
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