A Windy River - 30" X 24"

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nature, abstract, modern painting, windy day, river

An original acrylic painting by Lisa M P. An up and coming artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Size of the art piece is 30″ x 24″. The painting was mainly done using a knife and brush.

An abstract take on nature’s beauty bears testimony to the skill and talent of an artist. Abstract modern paintings have come to garner much appreciation and several followers. They are perfect for homes with modern décor. However, nature has been a constant inspiration for artists. Nature with its many shades has been recreated infinite number of times on canvas. In this painting the artist has sought inspiration from nature but has given it an abstract treatment. The theme is a windy day by the river. Anyone who has happened to be near a river on a windy can identify with this. the river appears to be a little rougher, there are dry leaves scattering off everywhere, the branches of trees swaying and stooping low. The pleasant breeze is refreshing and feels good against the face. In this painting the artist has tried to capture this windy unruly day on his canvas. A lot of vibrant colors have been used. Deep red on either side of the river, swaying trees in green and a patch of blue for the skies. the painting is available in 24” * 30” size and is perfect for mounting on walls in large and medium rooms. refreshing and a happy picture, the painting can offer positive vibes to the surrounding space.

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