3/8" CrystalPleat Sun-Up-Sun-Down Cellular Shades

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The Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shade is a combination of two different cellular shades in one. Get the best of both worlds by combining two different cellular fabrics, usually one blackout and one light filtering, allowing for versatile light control.

Get the best of both worlds by combining two different styles of cellular fabrics in one. With Graber Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades, also known as Day Night Shades, you can choose a blackout shade fabric in addition to a light filtering or sheer fabric. This unique combination allows you to adjust the light filtering fabric for a rich, warm glow during the day, or change to the blackout fabric when you want greater privacy and darkness.

Graber CrystalPleat Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades

Graber CrystalPleat Sun Up Sun Down Shades combine two cellular fabrics in one. These unique window treatments allow you to adjust between light filtering fabric for greater natural light, or blackout fabric for privacy and darkness when needed. This flexible light control makes them great options for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or any other rooms that can benefit from multiple shades and light control options throughout the day.

Just like any other honeycomb shades, these sun up sun down shades are excellent for insulation and reduction of heat transfer through your window, adding energy efficiency to your home. This makes Graber Sun Up Sun Down Shades the ultimate window coverings in terms of functionality and utility. You can also get sun up sun down cordless shades for additional safety and convenience, available in a cordless lift that is operated by pushing or pulling the rails up and down by hand.

What is a sun up sun down shade?

These sun up sun down shades are just like any other Graber cellular shades, except that they have two fabrics stacked on top of each other. Each shade fabric will be able to cover the whole window if needed. Or you can have the bottom half of the window covered by the bottom fabric, and the top half of the window covered by the top fabric.

How to install Graber sun up sun down cellular shades

Graber Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades are installed similarly to regular cellular shades. Simple screw in the brackets at the top of the window opening or on the wall for outside mounts, and then clip the top headrail onto the brackets. For more information please click on the How To Install button near the top of the product page.


- Combine two pleated fabrics in one headrail
- Adjust the top or bottom shade fabric according to your needs throughout the day
-Cellular shades fabric gives additional insulation and energy efficiency to your window
- Choose your top and bottom fabric individually to your preferences.

How to Measure

Measuring this product is a quick and easy process, just follow the instructions and you will be on your way to saving money and having great windows.

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How to Install

Installing this product is a painless and simple process. You are mere steps away from making your windows look absolutely gorgeous; so get cracking and make it happen.

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Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
Soil removal and spot cleaning
Water Immersible

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Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product

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Product Specifications
Min WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax Height
Cord 12" 96" 12" 96"
Cordless 15" 96" 12" 86"

Inside Mount Depth Requirements

OptionsCell SizeHeadrail DimensionsMin Depth MountFlush with Casing
Cord 3/8" Single Cell 7/8" x 1 3/4" 1 1/16" 1 15/16"
Cordless 3/8" Single Cell 1 9/16" x 2 1/8" 5/8" 2 3/8"

Approximate deductions for Graber crystalpleat sun-up-sun-down cellular shades - Inside mount – 3/8 inch, Outside mount – no deduction. Since all Graber shades are custom/handmade there could be a tolerance of measurement (+/-) 1/8th inch.

Available Options

- Cord Lift (Standard)

- Cordless Lift (Optional)

- Sun Up/Sun Down Corded (Standard)

- Sun Up/Sun Down Cordless (Optional)

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