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If you’re looking for the best deals in town, search no more., is the one-stop online destination for all your window treatment needs. We provide high-quality products by premier brands that guarantee utmost quality: Graber, which is brought to you by Spring Window Fashions, Crown, Norman and Comfortex. To make this a friendly and more convenient process, we have an exclusive page with promotional offers that is updated on a weekly basis, eliminating to need to flood your inbox with a stream of promotional emails every week. So if you want a great deal, you know where to go! Even better, the promotional codes are automatically added to your checkout cart so that customers don’t have to take the pains of calling customer services for help to get coupons. Another advantage of automatically adding the coupon code in your check out cart is that it eliminates the chance of being misled to other websites while hunting for coupon codes, making your shopping experience most transparent.


Our promotions and offers often go further than other websites selling these kinds of premier quality products in most markets in the US. Our discounts are usually nothing less that 15% and go up to a generous 60% sometimes. Each product on discount will have clear details pointing out the retail price, the discounted price and how much you save as a result of the discount. Even though these products are on sale, you still have a wide variety to choose from, as each discounted product has a category with similar products; not limiting you to that one product, per category. Although the price is reduced, the benefits and services given to you as a valued customer are not; you still get to customize your shades according to preferred size, shape, colour, etc. Normally, to get these kinds of benefits, you’ll have to go to big box stores or niche custom window treatment designers who’d charge you a high markup price. Good brands also have the tendency to make low-quality products that seem to have offering high discounts; as a result these brands make unfair profits at your expense to maintain their brand franchisees. This is evident, as the indicator for low quality is a shortened life warranty. So Zebra Blinds is one of the only retailers that provide such quality at such reasonable rates. We’ve got your back!

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